After his team lost their chance to face Barcelona in the finals of the Champions League, Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale defends his play and says that he will get much better next season.

“There have been some ups and downs but personally I think I’ve played well,” Bale asserted during the post-game interviews. “I’ve maybe not scored as many important chances as I’d like but my general play has been good.

“My finishing is not as good and that’s something to work on for next year.”

Bale had several big opportunities to score during the match, with him leading an attack as early as just 35 seconds into the game. He went on to get at least six more during the second half, with his closest being a back post header. However, the shot went over the net, adding to the string of missed opportunities that he had that night.

Bale was heavily criticized for his performance during the match, with some disgruntled fans booing him from the bleachers. However Real manager Carlo Ancelotti defended his player, insisting that he did play well, but luck simply wasn’t on their side during the match. “Bale played better [than the first leg],” Ancelotti remarked. “He worked hard. We did our best but it was not enough to reach the final.

He also said that he is very happy with the performance of the whole team, despite the disappointing turn of events. he also insisted that, while they had a lot of opportunities during the match, luck was simply not on their side that night.

Real made an early break into the scoreboard during the 23rd minute of the match, with Cristiano Ronaldo converting on a penalty shot the team gained from a foul on James Rodriguez. The goal put the team on a 2-2 aggregate tie with Juventus, but Real wasn’t able to sustain the pressure, as the Juves grabbed a point, courtesy of Alvaro Morata, in the 53rd minute to put them slightly out of reach from the Whites and hop onto the finals.

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