Futsal Drills To Help Improve Your Game

Just like with regular soccer, futsal soccer players are expected to have certain soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, offensive, and defensive skills. 

Such skills can be acquired by participating in various futsal soccer drills. We have compiled the best futsal soccer drills that players of different ages and skill levels can perform. Take a look. 

Passing and Ball-Possession Futsal Drill 

This futsal drill trains futsal players on proper passing, receiving and movement. The exercise helps players to make better decisions on when to retain the ball when facing pressure from the opponents, and when to pass the ball to teammates. 


  • Divide the court evenly into thirds. 
  • A 2v2 play will be held in the first, and the middle third – 2 defenders will play against 2 attackers in each of the two thirds.
  • A 1v1 play will be held in the final third – one defender will play against 1 attacker. 


  • The goalkeeper plays a ball into their defenders, who will then attempt to play the ball into the next third. 
  • The ball has to move through the first two thirds before the player positioned in the final third can attempt to score a goal. 
  • Once the defenders successfully play into the middle third, the keeper is required to get another ball and pass it to the two defenders, even if the first ball has not left the middle third.
  • The defending team will try to gain possession of the ball and drive it back to the first third without skipping any third. They will then try to score a goal.
  • Play for about 10 minutes and then switch the players’ roles from defenders to attackers and vice-versa. 

Coaching Points

  • The players should play forward quickly and make good passes. 
  • When the defenders block the passing lines or the players in the next third are still working on a ball, the players should retain ball possession until such a time when they get a good opportunity to play the ball to the next third. 
  • The players should exhibit great team coordination so that they can retain possession - this can be achieved by doing rotations and interchanges.
  • The players need to make good and fast decisions regarding ball possession and passes.
  • The players should embrace the pressure from opponents and play with confidence. 

Passing and Movement Futsal Drill 

In this futsal drill, futsal players will learn how to pass properly and make great movements in the court. Players learn how to create an overload in order to exploit opponents. 


  • Create a 15 x 30-yard area on the futsal court and split it evenly into thirds. 
  • Divide the players into 3 teams of 3. Each team occupies one-third of the area. 
  • The team in the middle is the defending team. 


  • The coach starts by passing a ball to one of the teams positioned in an end-zone. 
  • When a player in the receiving team touches the ball, the defenders can then enter the receiving team’s zone. 
  • The receiving team may play the ball to the other end-zone team as a safe forward pass, but such a pass cannot score.
  • The receiving team can score a goal by either performing attacking combination plays or move with the ball to the middle zone and then make a forward pass. Attacking combination plays that they can perform include wall passes and parallel passes.
  • If the defenders win the ball, they should attempt to pass the ball to the team in the other third. If the defending team fails to pass the ball to the other team, they remain to be defenders.
  • The team that lost possession of the ball becomes the defending team.
  •  Driving the ball out of bounds is not considered as winning possession. 

Coaching Points

  • Encourage the players to perform smart combination play such as choreographed moves to retain possession. 
  • Guide the players on how to take advantage of overload situations and make sound risk decisions regarding passing or retaining possession. 
  • Encourage the players to try and face forward as much as possible.
  • Guide them on good decisions regarding when to travel with the ball and how to do it.
  • Create a fun environment such that players play comfortably even under pressure. 

Moving and Working Futsal Drill 

This futsal drill will teach futsal players how to move and work as a unit. It helps the players understand the fundamentals of defense. 


  • This drill will be played in half a futsal court. 
  • Assign 4 players to be the defenders and five players to be the attackers. 
  • The attackers surround the defenders while the defenders form a tight diamond shape within the circle of attackers. 


  • The defending players cooperate in an attempt to acquire and keep ball possession against an overload of 5 attacking players. 
  • The attacking players score if they pass the ball through the defenders’ diamond formation. 
  • The defensive players have to defend in a coordinated diamond shape to prevent any balls from going through them. 

Coaching Points

  • The defenders should coordinate in a way that the defender nearest to wherever the ball is, forms the top of the diamond. This makes it harder for the attackers to pass balls through them. 
  • The next two players after the top of the diamond are the wingers. Their task is to guard the middle of the diamond formation and prevent passes from coming through. 
  • The player farthest from the ball is tasked with screening the ball through the defensive formation and communicating defensive movements to the other players.
  • The defenders have to always be in a diamond shape relative to the position of the ball. The defenders should vary the distance between them depending on the defensive pressure they are facing. 

Shooting Futsal Drill

This is a highly effective futsal shooting drill that also helps futsal players to improve their dribbling and passing skills. 


  • Divide the players into two even teams on opposite corners of the futsal court. 
  • All players should have a ball with them. 
  • Place 4 cones approximately 5 yards apart and about 5 feet from the wall along one sideline of the court.
  • The cones should stretch about three-quarters of the length of the court. The cones will be used in making wall passes.
  • Place about 8 cones on the opposite side of the court. These are the cones through which the players will dribble through. 


  • The first player in line assigned to wall passes is required to dribble to the first cone, shoot the ball towards the wall around the cone, collect the ball when it comes off the wall and proceed to the next cone. 
  • The player will continue until they shoot the ball around the last cone. 
  • After reaching the last cone, the player should make a one-touch shot towards the goal and then make a shot on target. 

Dribble Through Cones 

  • The first player in line assigned to dribbling should start at the same time the first player in line assigned to wall passes starts. The player is required to dribble in and out of the series of cones until they get to the end of the cones. 
  • After the finish dribbling through the cones, the player should pass a ball to the coach who then sets a ball for the player to make a shot on target. 
  • After making their first shots, the players are required to switch lines and continue with the pattern. 

Coaching Points

  • The coach should see that the players exhibit excellent ball control as they dribble through the cones. 
  • The players should play with speed on and off the ball. 
  • Players should make accurate shots on target. 

Dribbling and Passing  Futsal Drill

This futsal drill soccer drill focuses on dribbling and passing skills. 


  • Divide the players into teams of 3. Each team should have one ball with them. 
  • Place a cone about 2 yards from one of the side walls. 
  • Place another cone a short distance past the midway towards the other side wall.
  •  All the participating players should line up behind the cone nearest to the side wall. 


  • Instruct the first player in line to dribble across the court towards the opposite sideline. 
  • When the dribbling player gets to the cone placed just past midway, they are required to play the ball off the wall. 
  • When the ball bounces off the wall, the player should collect it and dribble back towards the starting line.
  • When the dribbling player gets about 5 yards from where the second player in line is waiting, they should make a pass to that second player.
  • The second player will repeat the same pattern the first player performed. 

Coaching Points

  • The coach should see that the players dribble properly. The players should have good control of the ball, and they should dribble with their heads up so they can see the cones and distances at which they are supposed to shoot the ball. 
  • The players should have good passing skills. The passes should be precise. The shot to the wall should be substantial so that the ball can bounce off the ball. 

Final Thoughts

Futsal is meant to be a fun game. It is crucial that coaches make futsal soccer drills as fun for the players as possible as this will enhance the participants’ learning curve. 

Also, the coaches can make some variations to the drills setups so that they can be more suitable to the players they are handling. 

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