With his team intensely preparing for their Champions League quarterfinals outing, winger Franck Ribery gave his thoughts on speculations that he will eventually be superseded by Kevin De Bruyne once his contract expires.

“He’s not a player who takes the ball and starts dribbling, and likes to have the opponent in front of him,” Ribery described the Wolfsburg winger. “De Bruyne’s super when he has the space on the counter attack, but at Bayern you usually only have three, four metres — no huge spaces. But he is a good player, and he is still young. He can still learn.”

“He’s a super player, but when I see him I note that he’s different to Arjen and me,” he further stressed, referring to teammate Arjen Robben. De Bruyne has shown an excellent performance with Wolfsburg this season and is rumoured to be sighted by several clubs.

When queried as to who he think would be better suited for his position, Ribery pointed to Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. “He attacks all of the time. He loves to run at his opponent,” the winger said of Hazard.

“But he plays at Chelsea. This could be very expensive for Bayern,” Ribery then humorously jibbed.

However, the 31-year old winger was also quick to dismiss speculations that he will be replaced any time soon. “Believe me, in this world, you won’t find players like me or Arjen that easily, with all due respect,” he asserted. Both him and Robben suffered several injuries that affected their performances this season.

“Of course, the club needs to contemplate about what happens once we have left, but Arjen and I are not done yet.”

On the other hand, Ribery said that he did not know whether coach Pep Guardiola will be staying with them beyond his current contract. “A lot of it is also down to the coach’s wishes. And, today, we don’t even know who will be the coach by then [after the contract expires].”

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