First touch soccer drills are a very crucial part of developing the player ability to control the ball and at the same time make good and precise pass to their teammates. Their aim is to enable the player to develop wholly in all the required football skills. They greatly improve the player’s concentration on the ball and at the same time help them to be on the lookout of both the opponents and the next teammate to pass the ball to. With many coaches practicing different styles of coaching, there are many fist touch soccer drills in the world. Here are some of the most effective and popular first touch soccer drills that will greatly improve the players’ skills.

Two Players in a 30 by 20 Yard Field

This drill works best for kids between 10-12 years of age. In pairs, setup a small space where the each player makes a pass from a distance of not less than 20 yards. The ball should not leave the players’ square by all means to enhance the ball control. Make very sharp one in two or three passes maximum. This will help the player have the ball control and also at the same be able to make the next pass within two touches.

Triangle Drill

This is another first touch soccer drill designed for the kids of 10-12 year old. It is much design to help the young stars be able to control the ball within a certain angle. Take the players in pairs and form a triangle which the player will have to pass the ball to the other teammate at the corners of that triangle. This will require them to curve the ball at a certain angle. This drill will be very useful to the player in that he will be able to pass the ball the next teammate no matter which angle he is at in the playfield.

 One Foot Control (lateral) Drill

In this drill the player is forced to control the ball by one foot only and pass it to the next player with the other. This drill works well if combined with the triangle drill. The players will be forced to go round laterally from one side of the triangle to the other without hitting its points. This is a powerful drill that is very useful in the field and many great teams are still using it at their profession football.

Three Players with One Being the Receiver

With a 10 by 10 yards field, place two players on the opposite side each with a ball and the third player being the receiver on the other side. The player will pass the ball to the third player and he will have to receive it with the inside of the foot, then take it to a couple of yards and pass it back with the next foot. This type first touch soccer drills aims at helping the players make accurate passes in an easy way that their teammates will be able to control it with their first touch easily.

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