After their 3-1 loss against Genoa last Wednesday, AC Milan manager Filippo Inzaghi insists that he will not resign and instead wait for a decision to be reached by the team on his fate.

Inzaghi made the assertion during the post-game interviews. “It’s the way I was throughout my whole playing career — I’m not one to give up,” he remarked. “We’ll just have to wait and see what the club’s decision is, but I’m carrying on.”

The 41-year old Inzaghi has come under strong criticisms after AC Milan’s lacklustre showing in the current Serie A season. The loss to Genoa came in as an unpleasant surprise, as it was the first time that the Rossoneri lost to Il Grifore at home in almost half a century. The defeat is also the latest in a set of losses that have seen the once4 mighty Milan languishing in 10 place in the standings.

AC Milan fans have already expressed their dissatisfaction over the team’s current performance. During the Genoa match, groups of fans, colloquially referred to as the AC Milan ultras, formed a human banner reading “Basta”, or “Enough” in Italian. They also unfurled a banner in front of the upper seats which read “We’ll just have to wait and see what the club’s decision is, but I’m carrying on.”Put an end to the mess!”/

The display came in weeks after fans boycotted the team’s match against Cagliari, where AC Milan snagged a 3-1 victory.

With his fate uncertain, Inzaghi also stressed that he still holds the team dear. “No matter what happens, I will always have Milan in my hear,” he remarked. “I’ve been here for a lifetime and I’m quite serene about the whole thing. I always try my best, but this is the tough life of being a coach. If I’m given the opportunity, then I will try to end this season with dignity.”

Cristian Brocchi, who took over the club’s youth team after Inzaghi was assigned to his current position, is expected to move up should the manager be relieved.

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