The win against LA Galaxy had some implications to FC Dallas. They are now in the playoffs which they totally deserved since the last one in 2011.

Both teams had high hopes of winning the match, but Dallas proved to be stronger than their rivals. Making a difference in the score sheet was the major aspect each team was aiming at, and the 87th minute goal by Fabian Castillo made things different.

The match played on Sunday night at Texas attracted a total of 19,039 soccer fanatics and Fabian managed to impress his fans in the last minutes of the game.

Both teams had their own motives of winning the game where Dallas wanted to get back in the playoffs while Galaxy aimed at the supporters shield taking advantage after Seattle lost to Vancouver on Friday.

LA Galaxy took the lead in the 22nd minute when Stefan Ishizaki utilized a forward opportunity and managed to chip the ball behind Chris Seitz, Dallas goalkeeper.

However, during the second half, things changed in favor of LA Galaxy after their coordination in opening Galaxy’s defense.

Their efforts did not go unrewarded and in the 52nd minute, a combination between David Texeira and Andres Escobar made a difference in the score sheet after getting the ball behind Jaime Penedo.

In the 57th minute, Galaxy brought in Dan Gargan who seemed to make things better for his team. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave the pitch in the 86th minute following an injury and Dallas took advantage on this.

Escobar received a free ball and made a perfect shot on goal which was punched by Jaime. Fabiano Castillo, the man of the match headed the punched ball right past the goalkeeper in the 87th minute. Galaxy are now tied with Seattle with only 2 matches remaining for the supporters shield.

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