Phaedra AL Majid is a worried person and she revealed this to sky sports claiming that her life is in danger despite having protection from FBI.

She is currently fearing for her life after some allegations over the world cup bid that was won by Qatar to host 2022 tournament. Phaedra was among the 70 witnesses that talked to Michael Garcia, FIFA investigator anonymously giving information, recordings data and documents that proved the process for bidding 2022 world cup was not fair and transparent, but full of corruption.

During her talk with sky sport, she revealed how 3 men with badges came to her home claiming that they were FBI. They claimed that they wanted to protect her and the children since they knew she was receiving threats and her security was in question.

She had no option but to let them in, and went on to ask her some questions concerning what she witnessed during her tenure at Qatar. She later claimed that she regrets being a whistle blower since it has cost her both emotionally and personally.

It also affected her credibility and more importantly her security and that of her children. However, she did witness a lot during the period of the bidding process and claimed she had to reveal all she thought was not right.

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