During a La Liga match between club Deportivo Espanyol and Barcelona on Sunday, LFP sent its officials to monitor the stadium and get a comprehensive report on espanyol fans behavior. This came after consistent complains that Espanyol supporters are disrespectful to players of other teams.

La Liga authorities had proposed legal punishment to those found guilty. During the match that ended 2-0 in favour of Barcelona, officials noted a lot of people participating in anti-social behavior some chanting anti-gay and racist songs towards Barcelona players.

According to LFP’s complain, some of the songs heard were monkey noises towards Dani Alves and Neymar, anti-gay songs towards Gerard Pique while Jordi Alba, Barca left-back was insulted following his red card early in the second half. LFP officials asked the Spanish government department responsible for anti-social violence to take action and punish those found guilty.

In an LFP statement, the songs were coordinated by a group of about 300 to 600 followers and supporters of Club Deportivo Espanyol. According to the report, the fans could be recognized with different symbols they had including jerseys, flags and banners.

They occupied part of the north stand also known as ‘’La Curva RCDE’’ in sectors 108-109-110 and 111. In a protest disapproving with Javier tebas’, La liga president new measures, the fans left sectors 110 and 109 empty.

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