England will face Estonia today and this is another test for Roy Hodgson’s team. Even though they are first in Group E with 7 goals after only 2 matches and 0 conceded, a lot of soccer analysts are doubtful about the quality of England’s current national soccer team.

Estonia has 3 points after two games and did not show any attacking quality in the first two matches as they managed to score only 1 goal. However, their defense is much better and they conceded only 1 goal until now. The match between the best attacking team in Group E and a solid defensive team is considered as one of the most interesting matches for today.

This is a real test for the England squad and for Roy Hodgson to prove that they can score goals against teams that play defensive soccer. During the past, England has always had a team full of quality superstar players but they couldn’t achieve any major success. Can they do it this year, with a younger squad?Raheem Sterling, Welbeck, Rooney, Lallana, Jagielka, Wilshere, Henderson and the rest of the England squad managed to keep possession of the ball 70% of the game against San Marino, but Estonia is playing a quite destructive soccer so they will do their best to not let the opponents play the game they want.

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