In what many found to be an unsurprising result, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard grabs the Professional Footballers Association Player of the year while his squad also bags six spots in the Team of the Year.

The award was handed to Hazard during the annual PFA Awards Night held last Sunday. He was already the most favoured to win when the list of nominees were announced, which included Diego Costa, Harry Kane, and David De Gea.

“I’m very happy,” Hazard remarked after receiving his award. “One day I want to be the best and what I did this season is play very well, Chelsea played very well.”

Hazard also expressed his gratitude for those who have voted him for the award. “It is good, it is better to be voted by the players — they know everything about football. This is good. I’m very happy.” The PFA Player of the Year award, as well as the other awards handed out, are determined by player votes.

Hazard had a spectacular run this season, with him netting 12 goals in his 31 appearances so far Chelsea in the current Premier League. He also made three goals in the Champions League. “I continue like I did last season — I try to be the same,” the 24-year old winger said of his performance. “I try to score more goals than last season. Personally I have played a good season, I have been there in the big games and I scored a lot of important goals, this is why I’m better this season.”

With Chelsea dominating in the current Premier league season, many aren’t surprised that the Blues managed to snag six spots in the Team of the Year. Along with Hazard himself, the other Blues included in the select squad are Costa, Nemanja Maltic, Gary Cahill, John Terry, and Branislav Ivanovic.

In the other awards, Tottenham’s Harry Kane grabbed the Young Player of the year Award—which Hazard himself won last year—while Ji So-Yun of Chelasea;s female squad was named the Women’s Player of the Year.

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