To get effective results while training young kids, you need to come up with easy soccer drills that are less complicated to keep the players enjoying the training session. In most cases, the easy drills are used by advanced players as warm ups before training. Most of them aim at developing individual skills including dribbling, shooting and defending. Young players who start with simple football basics tend to perform better in the long run than those who started with more complicated drills. Below are some of the latest easy drills worth your player’s time.

The Numbers Game

This drill is designed mostly for young players who are below the age of 6 years. It focuses on improving individual technical and tactical soccer techniques that improves the player’s performance.

The coach is supposed to divide his team in to two groups wearing alternating jerseys. Create a grid of about 20 by 25 yards depending on the age and skills of your players. Have small goal points on two opposite sides of the grid.

Give every player a random number from both sides maybe 1 to 5 if you have 10 players. Throw the ball in to the grid and call out one number and the players with that number from both groups’ rushes to the grid to battle for the ball and maintain possession. The players have to dribble until the ball is out of bound or there is a score from one of the players. To make the game challenging and fun, you can yell out another number for the players to join their team mates.

1 by 1 Competition Drill

This is yet another fun drill meant for young soccer players. It helps both the forward players and the defenders to develop basic skills in shooting and defending respectively.

Just like the numbers game, divide your team in to two groups wearing alternate jerseys. About 25 yards from the goal point, place a cone and let it be the starting point for the strikers. The starting defender throws a ball to the first attacker and steps forward to defend. A point is awarded to the striking team if there is a goal and to the defenders if the defending player wins the ball from the striker.

To make the game more fun, you can consider adding a defender once the striker scores or adding a striker when the defender wins the ball. Advise the attacker to attack with speed, trying to get behind the defender within the shortest time possible and shoot whenever there is an opportunity. The defenders on the other hand, should maintain a close distance with the attacker quickly and force him to the weak corner. Defenders should, as well approach the forward player with speed and slow down when he is near him. Start moving backwards while in front of the attacker as you try to snatch the ball from him and gain possession.

Just like most of easy soccer drills, this drill focuses on enhancing individual skills such as; dribbling, defending, goalkeeping, attacking and shooting techniques. Start your soccer academy today with easy football skills for your young players.

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