The DFL Super Cup between Dortmund and Bayern Munich ended with Dortmund getting a comfortable 2-0 win from the current Bundesliga titleholders. It was all Dortmund through out the game, and Bayern was nowhere to be seen. Goals from the winning side came in the 23rd and 62nd minute from Henrik Mkhitarayn and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang respectively, while the latter celebrated his goal by wearing a Spider man mask.

Most fans debate on whether the Super Cup matters or not, but we all know that a match is a match and no one likes loosing especially if it is from their arch rivals. With this mindset, it is no wonder that Bayern fans have been left disappointed with the below average performance of their team. Not only that but within the first 30 minutes they also lost key defender Javi Martinez to an injury, which will likely make him sit out parts of the season.

Some pro Bayern people were quick to say that Guardiola had put forward a weak Bayern team, with only 3 world cup winners in it (Neuer, Muller and Boateng) while Dortmund was playing with a strong team. But Dortmund fans were quick to refute this argument by stating that their team was also without key players such as Reus, Hummels, Gundogan and Weidenfeller.

Whatever the reasons may be for Bayerns loss, but a job well done by Dortmund in beating Bayern once again in the Super Cup and eluding Guardiola from the one German honor he has yet to win. Though this is a warning sign for Bayern that they should pull up their socks and properly get ready for the upcoming season if they want to remain title contenders this year as well.

Paul Koroma

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