As Chelsea is about to close an excellent season, the team is met with an unexpected setback after striker Diego Costa is sidelined for the remainder of April after an injury.

Costa is said to have gotten the injury during the team’s weekend game against Stoke, where his side won 2-1. The Spanish international has already entered the game during the latter part of the match but was shortly pulled out. Later tests revealed that it was the same hamstring injury that has been plaguing Costa since a few months back.

Due to the injury, Costa will be missing the four games against the Queens Park Rangers, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Leicester. However, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is still optimistic that the 26-year old will be able to make it to the squad’s final games of the season.

“We have eight matches to play,” the manager explained. “If he plays four, it’s normal. If he plays three, it’s a little below what I am expecting. If he plays five it is more than what I am expecting, so I am thinking about four matches.”

Despite Costa’s sidelining, Mourinho is also still positive that his team will be able to maintain their current position in the league. “Only Diego is injured,” he reported. “Everybody else is fine and ready.”

The Blues’ boss went on to report that midfielders John Obi Mikel and Cesc Fabregas are ready to get back to action. Mikel is said to have fully recovered following an injury, while Fabregas will have to wear a face mask after breaking his nose during the Stoke match.

However, Fabregas and fellow midfielder Nemanja Matic are both in a critical position, as they are just a booking from being handed a two-game suspension each. Nevertheless, Mourinho is optimistic that his guys can avoid the situation.

“If they [Matic and Fabregas] have to make a foul for a yellow card — a foul you have to do — they have to do it, but the way we play it’s not easy for our players to be booked,” the manager said.

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