After being one of the important parts of Chelsea’s success this year, striker Didier Drogba should be given a new contract, according to team captain John Terry.

Terry made the assessment during an interview by the Daily Mirror. “He’s been great because he’s had to be patient,” he noted of Drogba. “Ideally he would have liked a bit more game-time. But Diego Costa hit the ground running, scoring a lot of goals.”

Drogba has become one of the Blues’ main scorers in the team’s last few matches, filling in for fellow striker Diego Costa, who has been sideline by injuries in the last few months and is expected to be out of the active roster for the remainder of the season. Drogba has already gotten seven goals in all competitions since starting in place of Costa. He has also become instrumental in Chelsea’s two title wins this season in the Capital One Cup and the Premier League.

“Didier’s experience and the way he speaks before the games, after defeats when you’re down and you need an old head to help,” Terry also remarked of the 37-year old player’s relationship with his teammates.

“At times we’ve been worried after defeats and he’s said that it happens and we’ll bounce back and be alright. When you hear that from someone like him, everyone takes it on board.”

Under Chelsea’s current policy on contract renewals, the team only offers one year contracts for players who are already in their 30’s, but the 34-year old Terry believes that his senior teammate still has what it takes to deliver another year for the team.

“Let’s hope he’s in the camp next season. He’s got a massive part to play on and off the field. “He’s shown that on the field but off the field he really has got a massive part to play.”

Team manager Jose Mourinho is expected to be on the lookout for a new striker this summer to improve t6heir offence.

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