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Sequel to the preceding post, 5 other players who were considered flops by many are examined. But are/were they really flops?

5. Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres was so good he captained Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid back in the days. His transition to life in the EPL was smooth upon switching for Liverpool, but it all went wrong for the lethal striker when he moved to, yes you guessed right, Chelsea.

Not really a flop verdict : That Champions League against Barcelona in 2012 alone is worth £50million. Considering how he has been able to get back to decent form at his childhood club in the last months shows El Niño’s chapter in football’s great book isn’t closed yet.

4. Mario Balotelli

2 league goals in 2 full injury-free seasons will always definitely be a slap on a face of a player who got as many as those in 20 minutes ago Manuel Neuer. Tipped by many to go on to greater things in the game, the Nice striker’s personal demons never allowed him to reach that zenith.

Not really a flop verdict : But can we call it day for the 26-year-old already? That would be too early a thing to do. Admit it, 5 league goals in 4 Ligue 1 appearances don’t come from flops. And he can still get his hands on that Ballon d’Or. It’s not over until it’s over.

3. Radamel Falcao

There are 2 versions of Falcao Chelsea fans remember. The 1 that single-handedly tore their club apart with an hat-trick in the UEFA Super Cup finals back in 2012, and the 1 who scored just once in the league all season long while on loan at the club.

Not really a flop verdict : It’s either you belong to the majority who feels the ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) injury he sustained in 2014 is the reason for his predicament afterwards, or you are just an hater.

2. Robinho

The only reason the Brazilian bag of tricks never donned a Red Devils Jersey was because he thought they were the only club that has Manchester in their name. Still, he proved to be a great signing at Manchester City despite getting a shock of his life to discover he signed for the wrong Manchester club upon arriving England. Sadly, Pele self-ordained heir apparent apparently never lived up to expectations while in Europe.

Not really a flop verdict : Pele’s verdict of Robinho remains true, regardless of whatever happened. Or maybe not.

1. Veron

Di Maria and Veron proved to all that the EPL football might not favour some players, no matter how talented they might be. Neither Ferguson nor Ranieri could bring the best out of the midfielder at Manchester United and Chelsea, and he’s still widely regarded as one of worst transfers ever in Premiership history.

Not really a flop verdict : Veron won a league title at all the 3 leagues he plied his trade at. And if his EPL career is to be wiped away from memory and history (or not), he would be regarded as one of the best midfielders ever to ever kick a ball.

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