With Liverpool in the process of rebuilding after several setbacks, the team is set to give striker Daniel Sturridge a new fitness program to get him ready for next season.

Sources said that the move was decided upon in an effort to solve the forward’s recurring injury problem. Sturridge has suffered four injuries in the course of seven months, which caused him to have only seven Premier League appearances this season.

His latest is a torn hip muscle, which he suffered during the team’s March 22 match against Manchester United. The 25-year old player has attempted going back into the field, but so far has missed his team’s last two matches.. he is also doubted to make an appearance for the Saturday match against West Brom.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is said to have expected Sturridge to become one of the Reds’ key scorers for this season after Luis Suarez moved to Barcelona. However, the forward was out of action from August to late January after suffering two separate thigh injuries and calf issues. Sturridge landed only 5 goals this season, which is rather measly, compared to the 24 he registered last season.

Analysts have expressed worries that if Sturridge’s condition does not improve, Rodgers might not be able to make the most out of him again next season. For this, the Reds’ boss is expected to switch to other players to fill in the post. One of such options is forward Divock Origi, who is set to return from his loan to French ballclub Lile. Rodgers is also reported to be eyeing to get Burnley’s Danny Ings to his side.

Rodgers’ squad is currently on a major rebuilding process after the team suffered several setbacks this season, including the surprise 2-1 defeat by Aston Villa in the FA Cup semis. The manager has earlier said that they might have a hard time getting new players this summer because of the setbacks.

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