Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge hopes that his current medical trip to the United States would help not only in dealing with his injury, but also in getting back int playing form.

“I like America, the way of thinking is different,” Sturridge said in an interview by The Times. “When you’re injured it’s important to have a different mentality. You have to channel yourself that you’re not a football player, that you could be a boxer or a tennis player or whatever it may be.”

Sturridge is in the US to meet with orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Peter Asnis and undergo medical treatment for his torn hip muscle. The 25-year old forward sustained the injury last March ding Liverpool’s match against Manchester United. He has since been out of action from there.

When asked why he opted to seek medical treatment in the US, Sturridge answered “The physios at Liverpool are top class but it’s a change of environment that worked before and I wanted to do it again and that’s why it happened.” Anis is affiliated with the Boston Red Sox, who are also under Liverpool’s owner Fenway Sports Group.

The Reds manager Brendan Rodgers is also optimistic that the trip will bring positive results for Sturridge’s condition.  “I think we’ve found some underlying issues that relate to Daniel’s problems this season.” Rodgers said.

“The staff here, the medical team, have been liaising with some of the medics in America and we’re just doing everything we can to give Daniel every opportunity to be fit and available consistently.”

Sturridge has been plagued with a series of injuries this season, which limited him to only 18 appearances. However, he brushed aside some speculation that part of the reason behind his injuries are psychological. “People can think what they want to think about me but I definitely know I do not have a mental issue,” he stressed. “I find it funny, I take it with a pinch of salt.”

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