When Liverpool finished last season with more than a century of goals under their belt and goal-scorers popping from everywhere in the pitch, no one would have thought that this team will struggle for goals in a matter of just 4 months. Out of all the 4 teams that scored more than 100 goals last season in their respective leagues in Europe, Liverpool are ranked at the rock bottom when it comes to scoring this season. And with matches coming on like raindrops for Liverpool, they have to adapt quickly.

Apart from Sturridge, no Liverpool striker from the other 3 has managed to score or assist a goal in Premier League this season.

When Liverpool sold their Swiss knife and chose to sharpen their attack with players like Lambert and Borini, Liverpool fans felt something was going wrong as they have seen this happened before. However, with the timely arrival of Mario Balotelli which now seems untimely, they were assured by their manager that last season wasn’t a dream and that it would repeat itself just like Moyes assured his fans that eventually everything will fall into place when he was asked about his team’s performance.

Balotelli arrived with a bang- settled down like foam!

Mario Balotelli shown glimpses of his old touches so far in his Liverpool career but the problem that Liverpool encounters is that even though they got him for a bargain, they were expecting his performances to be expensive for the other teams. And With the record of Brendan Rodgers bargains i.e. Phillipe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge, no one batted an eye when Liverpool signed the Italian.

However 2 months after his arrival and 9 games under the Italian’s belt, questions have been asked as why Liverpool went for a man that was neither adaptive nor ever played in a sort of game Liverpool plays. While Liverpool relies largely on individual brilliances, they expect their forward to make darting runs in order to create space for a midfield. And with Balotelli more immobile than an old worn out truck, Coutinho and Sterling have looked like fools for the past 2 months.

Is it too late for Rickie Lambert to adapt?

Another bargain, another proven goal scorer but with an entirely different and pleasing to the heart history, Lambert started his Liverpool career as a fan favorite even before he touched a ball in Liverpool red. But as they say nothing can last forever, absence of goals have led the former Saints player right in the middle of furious Liverpool fans. And with results of-late not going Liverpool’s way, the big center forward is amid all sorts of criticism.

Adapt was the word used for him when he made his way to Anfield again after a decade of absence from his boyhood club. However unlike all the other Liverpool strikers, he may not have the time as sitting on the wrong side of 30 years didn’t helped his matters. As a result, a dream move might become nightmare if his recent woes continue.

Chance-less Fabio Borini

Once itching for his departure so that they can accommodate Lambert and Balotelli easily, the Liverpool fans are hoping now that he comes out of age to give Liverpool a breathing space. However unlike his transfer saga where he was given the opportunity to choose, the Italian hasn’t got a chance to prove himself this season. As a result, you can’t criticize the lad for not showing his eagerness for the club.

Conclusively, Liverpool should look for some damage limitation techniques as the time has gone and the next transfer window is 2 months away. And with Liverpool board giving Rodgers a handsome kitty in summer, it is highly unlikely Rodgers would show force in winter transfer market this season.

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