Soccer players ought to protect their public reputation by not only exercising their national duty, but also by behaving in accordance with the law. After breaking his leg back in September while training, Daniel Paladini found himself in the spotlight again following some domestic related disputes that were never revealed.

It was a case that the police had to intervene looking for a solution, but no arrests were made during the accusation and after the investigation process. However, the police notified major league soccer immediately who took an unexpected action against Columbus crew midfielder.

The incident that took place on 29th October at paladini’s home led to his suspension from all club and major league soccer activities. Anthony Precourt, Crew investor operator claimed that they have always and will continue to cooperate with the local authorities and the league officials to know the way forward for the 29 year old Columbus star.

Anthony claimed that they support the suspension of the midfielder and will be barred from any club activities until there is further developments on the same story.

Paladini was just spending his first season with Columbus where he have made only four appearances before he broke his leg in September during training. The star joined the Columbus after spending 3 years with Chicago.

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