After his team lost the first leg of their Champions League semis match against Juventus, analysts criticized Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale for his seeming absence in the game.

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane, who now works as an analyst for iTV Sports, blasted Bale for an apparent lack of confidence in making decisive plays during the match. He noted that the midfie4ler only managed to get 14 touches throughout the night.

“It’s very difficult to win a big game like this when you’re only playing with 10 men,” Keane remarked about Bale’s performance during the night. “Gareth Bale gave them absolutely nothing tonight.

Meanwhile, BBC Radio 5 Live commentator and former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin suggested that Bale’sz lackluster performance was due to him having a hard time playing with Cristiano Ronaldo. Nevin argues that Ronald had the stronger personality of the two, which leads to him being able to get better opportunities in plays. He also asserted that Ronaldo might have actually seen him as a threat ever since the Welshman moved to the whites in 2013. Speculations about the two players’ working relationship have been floating around in the last few months.

Nevin also noted that Bale is not yet back to his full playing form, pointing out that the 25-year old winger would normally be more aggressive in his offensive runs. Bale has been struggling lately with several injuries that has limited his appearance in Real’s matches.

However, it was not only Bale who received a fair amount of criticism. KIeane also heavily criticized defender Dani Carvajal for what the pundit called as a reckless foul he made on Carlos Tevez. “I’m angry with him and I’m not even involved in the game,” Keane remarked. Carvajal’s foul gave Tevez a penalty shot, which proved to be the winning shot for the Juves.

Midfielder Sergio Ramos was also hit by critics, with AS editor Alfredo Relano saying that he is an insufficient replacement for the currently sidelined Luka Modric.

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