Cristiano Ronaldo, football’s most recognizable player, was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. His fullname is Cristiano Ronaldo Aveiro. His father got the Ronaldo name from his favorite actor, Ronald Raegan. He is a forward for the La Liga club, Real Madrid and is the current captain of the Portugal national team.

On July 3, 2010, Ronaldo became a father to his son, Cristiano, who is under his full custody. He published an autobiography titled Memories, in December 2007 and owns a fashion boutique with his sister called CR7-one of his many nicknames. He is now dating Russian model Irina Shayk. His several endorsement deals include Nike, Suzuki, Extra Joss, Fuji Xerox, and Coca Cola.

Football Career

Ronaldo started playing in a team when he was just 8 years old, in an amateur local team called Andorinha. In 1995, he signed a deal with another local club called Nacional and subsequently joined Sporting CP’s youth program where he trained at the Academia Sporting. He began his professional career with Sporting Lisbon, and soon enough, caught the attentions of several European clubs, including Manchester United.

He signed a deal with the English club in 2003, wherein the club got him for 12.24 million pounds. He became the first Portuguese player to play for the club. He was given the jersey number 7, which was David Beckham’s previous number.

Ronaldo said that it was an honor to be given the number and that it motivated him to perform better. Soon after he joined Manchester United, he quickly became a household name in football. He had a good partnership with Wayne Rooney but soon enough transferred to another club.

Real Madrid announced on June 26, 2009 that Ronaldo would join their club, after a record breaking deal. The deal was worth 80 million pounds and Ronaldo became the world’s most expensive football player. The deal is for a six-year contract which is worth 11 million pounds per year and has a 1 billion pound buy out clause.

He was given the number 9 jersey. He is ranked as the 3rd most highly paid football player in the world with an estimated 27 million pound worth in income. He is also deemed as the 5th most marketable athlete on the planet. He is considered to be the best football player in the world, alongside FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, whom he is often compared to.

He is often regarded as being arrogant with an attitude problem. He was banned in three matches in 2008 for headbutting an opponent. He is often guilty of being flamboyant and showing unnecessary tricks in matches, when only a simple pass would have been needed, making the team lose the ball to the opponent.

But you can either love or hate him, it’s undeniable that his skill, technique and power in the game proves to be a prized possession that makes him one of the world’s highest earners in football. He can take on any defender and outdo him with his quick footwork and pace. His work ethic has also been highly noted among his trainers, coaches and colleagues.

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