What mystery do these cleats hide and are they worth the purchase. Here is an in-depth look at what you can expect to find should you decide to purchase the Copa Gloro 19.2.  


  • It has a stitched toe box

  • The midfoot section is made with knit material

  • It has an extended elastic fold-over tongue

  • The integrated foam heel counter


A first glance out of the box you notice it is a lace up shoe, with a very slim overall built. The leather has a very smooth high-quality feel. It has a wavy pattern of very firm stitching which defiantly feels like it would hold for a long time without breakage.

It has low key holographic three strips Adidas logo. The sole plate has got conical studs; the rear of the shoe has a nice low-cut design with a very compact structure. It has a wider toe box but very narrow midsection. It has a fold-over tongue attached to an elastic gusset which gives more lockdown.


The Copa Gloro 19.2 black grey colorway FG has very soft padded internals which is mostly made of synthetic materials. The internals look very well made and will not tear or get worn out easily.


These cleats are equipped with a TPU outsole that makes it lightweight. The studs are conical for maximum traction. The insole is made of soft foam material.

Colorway Comparison

Copa Gloro 19.2 black grey colorway compared to the white red colorway; the black grey is defiantly a better pick simply because the white red colorway tends to get dirty easily.


The fold-over tongue has cut guides underneath and can be cut off or to the desired length. The boots are defiantly customizable; the laces can be replaced with preferred color or reflective laces.


These cleats are very responsive due to the x-rayed vamp cage that gives you greater control and reduced ball slippage. The toe box is very spacious and adaptable to foot movement thereby giving you more control.

Comfort Level

The knit material in the mid shoe gives you added comfort with the benefit of a great lockdown. The soft foam in the insole and in the heal provide extra cushioning thereby boosting comfort levels.

The fold-over tongue wraps around your midfoot area firmly adding more comfort to the midfoot area however the cleats can be very snug and can feel much reinforced.

Customer Opinion

This colorway has not had a lot of reviews compared to other versions of the Copa but most people that bought the Copa Gloro 19.2 black grey colorway FG cleats are impressed with the stitch quality and the fold-over tongue that can be cut to suit player preference, but they are not satisfied with the cleats overall and expected more of the cleats.

Customers felt that the cleats should have more leather on the boot; the sole plate frame should also be improved from thick and rigid to a thinner lightweight soleplate with a sprint frame. Players also were not impressed with the comfort level, especially in the midsection area.


These boots provide good air flow thanks to the mesh material in the midsection therefore if you have sweaty feet after a game these boots will reduce heat in the shoe and keep your feet properly oxygenated which will also counter bad odor.


  • It the colorway of the Copa Gloro 19.2 is compatible with a variety of jerseys

  • It has very sturdy and firm stitching

  • The leather is very soft and provides good ball control

  • The studs give good ground traction ideal for sudden outburst and speed

  • The Copa Gloro 19.2 black grey retains a classical look in the face of modification and upgrade


  • The thick sole plate makes it be a bit heavy compared to other cleats on the same price range

  • It is a lace up, therefore, takes time to put on and remove

  • The midsection feels stiff and snug and can cause hearting feet if you have wide feet.

  • The flap is made of good quality leather but the rest of the tongue is made with cheap synthetic material

  • The leather on the toe box is not Kangaroo leather but calfskin material

  • The fold-over tongue can feel bulky on the midfoot

  • The overall built has very minimal leather which is only on the toe box section with the rest of the shoe is made on the mesh material.

  • The leather on the Copa Gloro 19.2 black grey colorway FG feels thicker compared to other competitor cleats that have a thinner leather material.

  • It is expensive

  • There is no significant difference between the Copa Gloro 19.2 black grey colorway FG and other Copa 19.2 line up.

  • The stud pattern is the same no major changes compared to the previous models

  • Out of the box, it feels very stiff and requires a breaking in time so as to fit comfortably

Final Thoughts

The Copa Gloro 19.2 black grey FG cleats have overall very good performance but the upgrade from other Copa 19 cleats lineup is very minor. The Copa Gloro 19.2 is much thicker and heavier but the heaviness doesn’t affect the general performance greatly.

The stitching is designed to withstand and last which makes it very durable. In terms of looks the Copa Gloro 19.2 black/grey colorway defiantly has an edge with its sleek design.

Considering the price, the Copa Gloro 19.2 black/grey colorway is not the best value for your money since you can find other cleats with the same specifications but a lot cheaper.

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