U.S. soccer confirmed that a friendly match between Columbia and U.S.A national team will take place on 14th November this year.The announcement came on Wednesday after the U.S. soccer had discussions with Colombian federation and agreed to add a 2nd friendly match during this FIFA window.

The match will be expected to go down at craven cottage which will attract a number of soccer fanatics from both countries.

Jurgen Klinsmann, U.S. head coach claims that Colombia proved to be among the best teams in the world during the 2014 world cup after they were eliminated by host Brazil in the quarter finals. Klinsmann believes that this is a great test and he have to summon some of U.S. soccer veterans to prepare for the match ahead of time.

In previous friendly matches since world cup, U.S.A managed to beat Czech Republic, and drew against both Honduras and Ecuador.

Colombia has some of the best players in the world including Radamel Falcao of Manchester united, Adrian Ramos of Dortmund, Carlos Bacca of Sevilla and 2014 world cup golden boot holder, James Rodriguez who also plays for real Madrid.

U.S. head coach claims that this is a unique experience and a different sort of challenge. U.S. Soccer also discussed the possibility of playing a friendly match against Croatia who are currently set to face Argentina.

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