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There is something special about being a coach for any sport, but for soccer in particular. Within the game of soccer there is a calling for both the individual training and team training that is so vital to go out there and win. As a coach you are looking for some of the best young players with the best skills possible. 

You must teach and train them how to kick, shoot, dribble, pass, be a great goalie, attack play and other soccer skills and drills along the way. You will need players who have a natural raw talent and will be able to catch on quickly. 

You will also need toughness, as soccer is definitely a contact sport. As you begin coaching youth soccer, what are some of the characteristics you will need in order to be the best coach for the brightest young soccer stars? 

Experience Coaching Youth Soccer 

One of the most important elements that you must have as a youth soccer coach is experience at teaching young players soccer. 

When players and their families recognize that you have been teaching youth soccer for years, it helps to build their confidence in you, while creating an atmosphere where your young players can grow and flourish. 

The Ability to Motivate, Inspire and Instill Confidence in a Young Player

Every great leader or coach must have the ability to motivate, inspire and instill confidence in their young players. One of the things that can do this is when you as a coach say what you mean and mean what you say. 

Remember to always keep your word to your young players, while realizing that they are looking up to you as their leader. Also remember to remain positive when speaking with your young players while realizing that they need all of the encouragement they can get. 

Great Soccer Equipment for the Players to Perform Drills

Every great coach must have great soccer equipment for your young players to perform drills and learn the techniques of soccer. 

Having the best equipment will also instill confidence in your young players that they are working with something that will help them in succeeding and winning soccer games. 

While the school or community may purchase the equipment according to if your young players are in school or playing on a summer league, it may be your duty as a soccer coach to choose the soccer equipment that your young players will use. 

This is an important mission for you as a soccer coach, because you are in charge of getting them the best equipment to use for them to grow as the best soccer players possible on the field. 

The Ability to Work with a Struggling Youth Soccer Player

As a youth soccer coach, you will probably have a variety of players. There will be some all-around stars who pick up quickly and are able to do all of the drills and movement well. These are your elite players and starters and your go to guys when you are in a pinch for extra scoring. 

These young players are those who you can see a future as being a great professional soccer player one day. However, there may be only a few of them on your team.

 Many young players lack the confidence to do what is needed on the soccer field as they are still growing in this area and with their skills. 

There will be some young players who will struggle with instructions being thrown at them daily and with the rigorous exercises that are going to be required to maintain a strong and healthy soccer body. 

These will be your struggling players and the ones that you may have to continuously go over the same drills and routines because they are simply just not getting it. You may want to use your best players to help them in this area. 

You may also want to use other forms of learning like video and speaking to soccer players to help them get it. This is definitely something as a youth soccer coach that you must have. 

Once your struggling players see your patience and understanding along with encouraging them to be the best they can be, you should see a different player that will want to continue learning and growing. 

  The Ability to Express Calmly but Firmly What is Required of You Youth Soccer Team

Your young soccer players will always be listening for your tone during practice. If you are positive, encouraging yet firm with them, they will remember this on a daily basis. Also being fair with each player without having favorites is important. 

Young players can tell when their soccer coach is treating another player better than them. They can actually feel that this is happening. 

 Often times playing favorites can cause a more timid and shy young soccer player to withdraw from the team and what is required of him. 

Great Relationships with Your Soccer Team and Their Families

When coaching youth soccer, you must have great relationships with both the players and their families. Parents are entrusting you with their children so that you can give them the needed instruction and attention they need to help them grow into better soccer players. 

You must also be willing to give more attention to first time soccer players who know little to nothing about the game. Dealing with a variety of personalities from the families and the players is also key. 

Remember that as a youth soccer coach that you are the leader of every young player who is on your team, including the families. 

Works Well with your Staff and Other Coaches

Your staff and other coaches must also be trustworthy and have a great knowledge about the game of soccer. You must be able to work well with your staff in forming a solid union that will lead your young players into developing their minds, bodies and soccer skills like passing, dribbling, kicking, shooting that are needed on the field. 

Your offensive and defensive coaches will help you in this development. As a team, you must learn how to work together with one goal in mind and that is helping your youth soccer team to learn, develop, grow and win soccer games. 

A High Soccer IQ/Knowledge About the Game of Soccer

When coaching youth soccer, you must be able to have a high soccer IQ and understand the history of soccer. Your young players will be looking to you for every bit of knowledge that they can get. 

They are like sponges who want to know who are the greatest players in soccer, how much can a professional soccer make, what are the elite professional soccer leagues, how to get a college scholarship in soccer and what are the best soccer teams in the world and the best players? 

These are just some of the many varied questions that your young players and their families will want to know. As a youth soccer coach, you must know and understand it all as you relay this information to your young team. 

The more they know and understand about the game of soccer, the more that they will want to learn, which increases their chances for success on the soccer field. 

The Ability to Form Soccer Plays for Your Team  

As a coach, you must have the ability to write the plays for your team that will win soccer games. These plays must be strategic and run daily for your young soccer team to understand. 

There are defensive and offensive plays as well as plays for each position on your team. From the goalie to the fullback, to the defensive players that are there. 

 How to write and run great plays that your team will understand is definitely something that you will need to know as a youth soccer coach

Integrity and Honesty

Teaching your young players how to win and lose soccer games is important as a youth soccer coach. There will be great times where you will win soccer games. This will be the easier part. But there will also be times where you may lose soccer games. 

Your team will need to know that you have integrity and honesty from either side of the playing field. When they see integrity and honesty in you, they will want to follow your example. 

Final Thoughts

oaching youth soccer can be fun and exciting, but it can also be challenging. When you as a youth soccer coach have to form a great team from a young minded team of players, some of whom have never played the game of soccer before, it can be difficult. Remember to share your experience with your young players. 

Also remember that patience and understanding is just as important. Integrity, honesty and firmness are also important. Never play favorites, but treat each young player fairly. 

Always be positive while motivating, inspiring and giving your young players the confidence, they need to develop their soccer skills, while playing and winning soccer games on the field. These are some great tips and advice on being a great youth soccer coach. 

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