In an interview, Queens Park Rangers manager Chris Ramsey talks about the various issues that he faces on the job, including what he says as “covert racism” in the selection of club managers.

“The fact that we’re still, at this stage of the game, highlighting that I’m the only black Premier League manager shows that it’s not the norm to have people from ethnic minorities in this position,” Ramsey said of his current position in the league.

“I’m in a very fortunate position to be manager of QPR but I would hope that people wouldn’t look at that as a token gesture. I would like to think that I’ve earned my stripes,” he further said.

Ramsey went on to stressed how his ethnicity has affected his chyances of landing a job in the league. “I think if it doesn’t work out for me here; as any manager of any race I think you’re in a position where it will be difficult to get another job. After leaving Tottenham I was seven months out of work. So that’s always going to be difficult as a manager.”

“As a black man I think it’s going to be difficult anyway. I don’t think it will be solely based on my ethnicity.”

Ramsey cited the case of former Trammere Rovers manager and current ESPN commentator John Barnes, who earlier this week claimed that he was blocked from several managerial due to his skin color.

The 52-year old manager then went on to call for the implementation of the so-called Rooney rule into the league. The Rooney rule, first implemented in the American NFL, that requires clubs to interview minority candidates for various coaching and senior operations positions.

“I think there are probably other people that are more talented or better suited, in some respects, from a profile point of view, as there have been many white managers that have got jobs based on their profile and playing experience and other things like that.”

Ramsey’s stance was heavily backed by QPR director Les Ferdinand, who is also intensively campaigning for the implementation of the said rule.

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