After an intense match, Chelsea get their hands closer to the Premier League title, as they beat off third pole Manchester United 1-0 on Saturday.

Eden Hazard played one of his best games in the season and scored the game’s only goal in the 38th minute of the match. The goal puts Chelsea 10 points ahead of current second placer Arsenal and puts them a step closer to the title. While Arsenal still has five games to play, the Blues could end up leading by as much as 16 points by the end of the season.

However, Chelsea had a rough start in the match, with them missing several players. United managed to give Jose Mourinho and his squad a run early in the game when Wayne Rooney broke through their defence, thanks to Luke Shaw’s cut. However, the ball narrowly missed the goal to land behind the net.

Chris Smalling also gave Chelsea another scare with a pass to youngster Paddy McNair, who is starting in place of the injured Phil Jones.

After Hazard netted what would be the game’s sole point, his team stepped up the pressure. Chelsea nearly netted a second goal after Hazard tried to return a save by Man United goalkeeper David De Gea, but the ball ended up hitting the post and bouncing off.

Despite the win putting his team closer to the title, Mourinho says he won’t be excited just yet. “We need eight points to be champions,” he explained. “Football is not about ‘if,’ it’s not about ‘almost.’ It’s about mathematics. When mathematically it’s done, it’s done, we celebrate. Until that moment, no.”

While he was hesitant to put the win on a single player, the Chelsea boss praised Hazerd for his performance. “Eden had that magic that the top ones have, especially in big matches.”

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