After grabbing this season’s Premier League title, Chelsea were in for a surprise after West Brom beats them 3-0 in Monday’s game.

The Baggies had Saido Berahino to thank for the win, after he managed to sink in two goals that put West Brom to a comfortable lead, which also ended his nine-game scoreless streak. The striker netted his first goal i n the middle of the first half, after he received thew ball while in the 25-yard line. He then adeptly rolled it around, before firing down the corner for the first point of the match. Nemanja Matic tried to equalise for Chelsea , but his shot ended being wide.

Berahino’s second goal of the night came in near the half hour mark, when he outgunned John Terry and then challenged goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois for the point. Midfielder Chris Brunt sealed in Chelsea’s defeat near the hour with a quick third goal for the Baggies.

The Blues were surprisingly quiet for the entire duration of the game. Eden Hazard tried to fired up a late challenge, but his attempt was to no avail.

Chelsea’s night was further marred by an unnecessary red card midfielder Cesc Fabregas netted following an uncharacteristic display. For some unknown reason, Fabregas kicked the ball towards referee Mike Jones, who was then trying to calm down the arguing Diego Costa and Gareth McAuley. The wayward kick ended up hitting the side of Brunt’s head, for which Brunt’s teammate Darren Fletcher headed towards the offending player. The two were fortunately separated, with Fabregas being sent off the field.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was visibly not pleased about the outcome of the match, and he made his thoughts clear during the post-game interview. Mourinho admitted that them already winning the title earlier might have put his squad in a bit of complacent mood. However, the outspoken manager oddly blamed their loss on the other teams, saying that if the other contenders gave a tougher challenge, his squad could have held their motivation longer.

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