Current Premier League leader Chelsea has announced that they have signed up captain John Terry for a new one-year extension to his contract. This comes in after months of speculation on what will happen to the center-back after the season ends.

Chelsea head Jose Mourinho has earlier said that the team is keen on keeping him on the team. With the new deal, the  Blues have secured one of the key players that helped their successful campaign in the current season.

Upon the announcement, Terry expressed his gratitude for the new opportunity. In the team’s website, the 34-year old defender said “I’m delighted to have signed an extension to my contract with Chelsea. After adding another major trophy to my collection this month I hope myself, the players and manager can continue to bring success to our club.”

Terry also said that he was very thankful to Mourinho for giving him all the opportunities. Ho also noted how the manager’s remark about him being “written off” from the team helped motivate him to improve. “It’s just inspiring and, for me, there’s no better at drawing the best out of people than Jose Mourinho,” Terry stated in an earlier interview.

“He knows what buttons to press. It goes unnoticed a little bit. He knows what makes me tick. He knows if I make a mistake he can tell me — some players you can’t. It’s handling different players differently and he does it superbly.”

Observers have earlier noted that Terry seemed to be slowly being eased out of Chelsea’s ranks. However, Mourinho was quick to stress that this is not the case with the new contract. “This new contract is not to say ‘thank you very much’; it is because John continues to perform,” the manager said “He is a top defender. I am happy that he completely deserves this new contract after a season where he has already played 40 matches.”

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