As Chelsea continues to tighten its hold on the Premier League leadership, the team also seems set to grab a new record as the team that has spent the most days on the top of the league leaderboards.

The Blues first gained hold of the Premier League top spot in August 30 of last year and has stayed there for 230 days already. The ’93-’94 Manchester United squad currently holds the record for the longest stay on top of the table, being there for 262 days. Only Tottenham has managed to briefly hold the leadership away from the Blues this season.

To beat the record, Chelsea needs to maintain its hold up until May 13, with them eventually getting a 274-day record by the season’s end in the 24th. The closest the Blues got to beating the record was with the ’05-’06 squad, which stayed on the top for 257 days.

When interviewed about the current success of the club, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho refused to take the credit all to himself. “The manager is not the most important person in the club, of course not,” Mourinho stressed. “I keep saying: the most important person in the club is first the supporters, secondly the owner, third the players, and then I come.”

However, he also says that he feels happy with how the team’s success has affected his position positively. “They want to feel that after that big defeat you are ready for the next day, that after the big victory you are not in the moon but have your feet in the earth,” he explained.

“And I think I am good in controlling these situations, and good in trying to keep people balanced for the negative and for the positive. At home I am not good, because they know me too well. I can’t hide. They get me.”

Mourinho also said that he considers former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson as one of his inspirations for his work.

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