UEFA has finally dropped disciplinary charges against Arsenal that was imposed earlier in the month following a champions league clash with Galatasaray.

Arsenal was to face some disciplinary action to what was termed as insufficient organization and inadequate body screening.

On October 1st, arsenal won a champions league match against Galatasaray thumping them 4 goals to 1. Minutes to the end of first half, there were some fireworks and missiles thrown into the pitch at emirates which made UEFA take action against arsenal.

However, a statement issued by the governing body for European football on Monday revealed that arsenal’s disciplinary proceedings had been dropped and galatasaray fined 50,000 euroes following the indiscipline of its fans.

The Turkish team was also directed to contact arsenals management within thirty days to negotiate for settlement of any damage caused by Galatasaray fans including destruction of more than 100 seats.

The match was halted for a few minutes when flares were thrown in to the pitch minutes before the end of first half from a section where more than 3000 galatasaray fans sat.

Metropolitan police have also confirmed that there were 6 arrests where victims were charged with entering the pitch with flares. Swiss club Basle was also punished by UEFA after objects were thrown into the pitch during a champions league match against Liverpool on 1st October at Jakob Park.

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