After his team clinching the Premier League title last Monday, Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas praises team manager Jose Mourinho and his “magic”.

“Yes, Mourinho has a touch of magic, 100 percent,” Fabregas said of Mourinho. “He knows how to manage a team, he knows how to get the best out of you, and that’s what you want from a manager, 100 percent.”

The 28-year old player also noted the Blues boss’ competitive drive. “He just loves winning. I’m not just saying other managers I have played under don’t, but he has some edge that goes above anyone else I have ever been with.

“The mentality shows every single training session, or game. I now understand why he has won what he has won in his career,” Mourinho has managed to amass 22 titles from different competitions throughout his career, with this season’s Premier Le3ague his third First Division title over all.

Aside from Mourinho, Fabregas also has high words for teammate Eden Hazard. I8n particular, he touted Hazard as being in the same caliber as Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. “He can be one of those for sure. He can be up there [with Messi] for sure,” Fabregas remarked. “He’s had a fantastic season, I just want for him to do it again next year and to be even better.”

“He’s the main guy. In my mind he is the guy that makes this team better than it is. Next year he has to prove himself in the Champions League as well because he is capable of that, and I am sure he will give many big nights of glory to this club.”

Fabregas also believes the title win his team had this year is just the start of something bigger.  “Hopefully it will be the start of a new era, a new team. Hopefully the new players now feel this winning mentality can go on for a long time.”

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