With his team’s Champions League quarterfinals duel against Bayern Munich happening in just a week’s time, Porto midfielder Casemiro is confident that they can go beyond this stage and reach the finals.

“We’re among the best eight sides in Europe. We are obviously doing well but we have a very long path ahead of us,” the young midfielder said in an interview. “We’re getting better every day, with every match, and I’m sure there is even further potential for improvement

Casemiro added that they he and his team have gone through a lot of preparations for the quartyerfinals stage. “We’ve already shown we have the ability to go a long way, but we have to take it game by game,“ he said. “We have to think about playing well now, and then in the semi-finals and then in the final.”

“We’re getting better every day, with every match, and I’m sure there is even further potential for improvement.”

Casemiro also mused on the thought of his team getting the title. “Winning a competition like the Champions League is simply extraordinary,” he remarked. “I don’t have the words to describe the happiness a player feels when they win something like this.”

When asked on how he think they will be able to pull of the feat, the 23-yearold answered, “I would just say we have to try to emulate what Real Madrid achieved last season, taking it game by game.”

Casemiro is currently on loan to Porto from Madrid. However, he enthusiastically said that he felt as if he has been part of the team for a long time. “The club, the people who work here, the coaching staff and the players have all helped me a lot on and off the pitch,” he notes.

“I’ve had the run of matches I needed. When you play regularly, you develop from game to game.”

Porto is set toi face Bayern on April 15, with the second leg being played on the 21st.

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