With their major loss against Schalke last Tuesday still fresh in the eyes of fans and the media, Real Madrid is currently on an uphill battle to regain their footing in the ongoing Premier League. However, defender Daniel Carvajal is confident that the team will triumph against Barcelona in their Clasico match on Sunday.

“This is a Clasico and there is no favourite. I wouldn’t settle for a draw, we’re going there to win,” Carvajal stressed in an interview posted on the Real Madrid website.

Carvajal further said that they will do everything that they can in order to secure victory against Barcelona in the match to be played at Camp Nou. “We knew this would be a crucial match in front of our supporters as well as for us ahead of next week’s game. We picked up three points, kept a clean sheet and now the aim is to beat Barcelona,” the defender said of their outlook for the coming match.

“We have no doubts in our minds heading to Camp Nou. The team and the system are the same and I think we are more united now and mentally prepared for good things to happen. We have to give it 100 per cent and we are aware that we are capable of beating any side,” Carvajal confidently said.

Carvajal also acknowledged the team’s subpar performance in its last few matches. “We haven’t had a good month but there is a long way to go.”

However, he was still optimistic of the team’s predicament. “Any team would happily take our situation. We are through to the Champions League quarter-finals, unlike a lot of other teams, and it is in our hands to win La Liga. We are at ease and have to face what’s left with enthusiasm.”

After their loss to Schalke, Real Madrid routed Levante 2-0 to remain at its second place position in the Liga behind Barcelona.

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