With reports claiming that Raheem Sterling have finally decided to leave Liverpool, former Reds defender Jamie Carragher says that the young winger should stay with the team and instead get a new agent.

Carragher, who now works as an analyst for Sky Sports, made the comment after reports have claimed that the 20-year old Sterling has already decided to not sign a new contract and is set to inform the squad on Friday. The former defender reasoned that, if development is what Sterling is looking for in his career, then staying with the Reds would be the better option, as it would allow him to continue his growth and not have to worry about adjusting anew. Carragher also noted that Sterling is getting the playing time that he wants.

The 37-year old former player also said that Sterling’s current predicament is likely to affect how he will be perceived later in his career. “He’ll move on in years to come, but how will he be thought of for the rest of his career?” Carragher pondered. “You’ve got to think about how you will be thought of, as well as just your ability, and it’s about time his agent stopped leaking stories, never mind the football club leaking stories.”

Carragher then went on to say that Sterling’s agent Aidy Ward is possibly one of the aggravating factors in the former’s contract negotiation. He expressed displeasure at the way that Ward has been pushing the young player to take on his club without considering the possible effects.

Meanwhile, Carragher’s fellow analyst at Sky Sports Gary Neville says that Sterling could possibly still be persuaded to stay with the Reds. Neville compared the young winger’s situation to that of outgoing team captain Steven Gerrard. Gerrard has said in 2005 that he wanted to leave Liverpool, but still ended up staying for the long term. However, the long-time Manchester United right-back stressed that both the player and the team need to overcome the obstacles for them to develop a long-term partnership.

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