Manchester United v Manchester City - EFL Cup Fourth Round

Only the most optimistic Red Devils faithful will give you an assuring and emphatic yes to that question, and that reply might just be tongue-in-the-cheek-esque. Perhaps, there is a fan still hopeful of the team’s title ambitions, waking up will be the best bet for such fantasy-minded fella to do.

A title win is very far from what Manchester United are capable of pulling off right now. Not even Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United will win the league having ended week 10 on 8th position (probably 9th if Southampton win against Chelsea). Definitely, Mourinho’s side won’t win it.

They don’t look anyway near winners, and it will be better earlier realized that a top 4 finish is the most realistic of target this season following this awfulness they began their season with. Top 4 meaning 4th position specifically. But can they do that? Or will they miss out on a Champions League spot again?

The Portuguese waxed lyrical upon his unveiling of Manchester United being a team that should be playing in Europe’s top-tier competition, and he could have sworn he would lead them back to the contest as he boastfully assured everyone of launching an audacious title challenge this term.

As he sat far away from the technical area following his halftime sending-off during United’s laboured draw against Burnley earlier in the day, his first press conference would have flashed right before his eyes. And at that moment, even he would have doubted his own ability to lead the team to the top everyone claims is theirs by birthright.

The draw now means the red half of Manchester has failed to pick up a win in their last 6 league games, and now sit 8 points behind the trio of Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool. The 3 aren’t looking like teams ready to give up their spots, whilst Tottenham and Chelsea are right on their heels, close in hot pursuit.

Fact statement – Jose has lost his magic touch. Known for his ability to produce results in the short-term, even though if there isn’t sustenance to hold on to afterward, his “fast-food” method of getting his teams fed on such for instant impact might have just gone out of the window 10 months ago.

3 straight league wins against Bournemouth, Southampton, and Hull City gave us all the most insecure of false hopes. United are back!!! So we all thought. It’s all dawned on everyone who tipped them for a title win as their summer moves pointed straight at it. Just maybe we jumped the gun too early (no tautology intended!!!)

Mourinho replaces the philosophical LVG, Zlatan agrees to join on a free, Mkhitaryan signs and Pogba returns after a success-laden stint at Turin. No stopping this Red Devils army.

But their initial flying start which saw them speed out of the starting blocks has come to an halt. From questionable tactics, to questionable selections and questionable performances from the players, everything has gone wrong for this team. Rooney was never the problem.

While ruling a top 4 finish chance out would be too early a thing to do, this team just doesn’t look to have enough will and drive needed to displace any of the top 5 teams. We might have to wait until they face the north London duo to come to a final conclusion, but they already came 2nd best in every of their games against the 3 others, and the early signs mustn’t be ignored. Can Manchester United make top 4?

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