After failing to get a major title this season, Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti now seems to be hanging, as institutional director Emil Butragueno is said to have declined to give him the support for his bid to remain as manager.

“It’s not the time to say,” Butragueno said when asked by newspaper AS about . “And nor is it the place. There’s a game left to play and we need to prepare for what’s coming.”

Real Madrid achieve a resounding 4-1 win against Espanyol last Sunday. However, with Barcelona winning against Atletico Madrid the very same day, the Whites still fell short of their title bid, as the Barcas maintained their four-point lead.

Earlier, Real also faced a major upset to their title campaign this season, after they were ousted by Juventus in the semifinals round of the Champions League. The Juves bested Ancelotti’s men in the first leg and settled for a draw in the second, but still pushed ahead with a 3-2 aggregate.

Butragueno admits that this season has been a rather disappointing one for them, remarking that they were not able to win the crucial matches they were supposed to have won. However, he stressed that they poured in all the effort for their campaign, but Barcelona proved to be more aggressive in their own campaign.

Meanwhile, Ancelotti gained a surprising ally, as Atletico manager Diego Simeone opined that their city rivals should try and keep the 55-year old manager. “He is a fantastic coach and a great man manager,” Simeone remarked during a press conference.

“It’s obvious that if Madrid let him go they will lose an important figure because he is the man who brought together the squad. If Ancelotti leaves, it’ll be Madrid’s loss.”

Ancelotti has earlier remarked that he is not all that concerned about his future at the moment and stressed that he is more focused on their last remaining game.

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