Everton goes one midfielder less for the rest of the current Premier league season, as Bryan Oveido is sidelined with a broken bone in his right foot.

This was revealed to the media by Overton manager Roberto Martinez , who said that Oveido fractured his right foot’s fifth metatarsal during a training session this week.  “He knew straight away that he had done something really bad,” Martinez said of the 25-year old player’s latest injury. “As a player, you understand if it’s only a knock or something a bit more serious.”

“It was a very unfortunate action on his own. He was trying to get on the ball and his ankle rolled in a very awkward position.”

However, Martinez said that Oveido took the injury rather well. “It took him a couple of hours to get his head around it — and then straightaway, it was incredible how positive he was.”

The midfielder was set to play as an overaged player in the squad’s under-21 match against Liverpool this Thursday. “He wanted to know what the next step was. I would say that, mentally, he is in a great place. He is desperate to get back and fully fit,” Martinez further said.

The Toffees boss said that Oveido is expected to be out for the remainder of the current season, but would be back by the end of the preseason. The midfielder’s injury also means that he would be missing out on playing with the Costa Rican national squad in the Gold Cup in July, to which Martinez said Oveido was looking forward to before his injury.

This is Oveido’s latest in a string of injuries that have plagued him in the past year and a half.in January of last year, he broke his leg during the his club’s FA Cup fourth round match. The injury had him sidelined for nine months and caused him to miss Costa Rica’s participation in last year’s World Cup. He returned to action in September during the Capital One Cup, but has since made only two Premier League starts.

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