Ill timed, badly judged and poorly executed, no matter how you put the recent decision by Liverpool boss to force his striker out of the English squad, it’s long term effects might not be mitigated as easily as the decision to snub the English forward from playing for his National side. Although the timing of the International friendlies was furious for the Liverpool fans as Sturridge, if available, would have played after missing most of the Liverpool’s start to the Premier League, still Brendon Rodgers should have tried something different in order to diffuse the tension that has now been created between him and Roy Hodgson.

 Sturridge injured himself in training after playing a use-less friendly as most of Liverpool fans put it.

In his book ‘’I think, therefore I play’’ by Andrea Pirlo, the World Cup winner highlighted the fact that we are discussing here. Although he said that he would behave furiously with any club manager of his who try to stop him playing for Italy, still he discussed the reality which has now speeded it’s fangs in English football. He was quoted as’’

No manager or team has tried to stop me from playing for Italy because they knew if they do, my response wouldn’t be pleasant.

In the mantra of putting club before country and enriching the ‘’Scouser, we are not English’’ banners by the Liverpool fans, Brendon Rodgers has evolved as a winner outside the field for his antics on this topic but a shady figure for the 3 lions fans. It would have been much better had the Liverpool boss proved his things on the pitch following Suarez departure and Sturridge injury but none of this happened but as defeats against West Ham, Aston Villa and Basel ruined Liverpool’s start to the season. And Liverpool boss always had an excuse of his main player’s missing.

History is against Rodgers:

If you look at the history of Liverpool men who chosen club over country, the event which has now usurped is not to be seen in their history. Although players like Carragher decided to retire relatively early from the National role, similar things also happened to the likes of Scholes and Ferdinand when they grew old. And seeing the commitment of Gerrard and his predecessors for the English side, this event should not gain much importance.

Although Liverpool fans are happy now as they care a little less for English team which is nothing gruesome as most of the teams’ fans put club before country – -especially the less honored English team fans, how would the Liverpool fans felt had Alex Ferguson persuaded Rooney not to play an important encounter under Gerrard’s captaincy? Surely, the results would have been much different than they are now.

When a horde of Liverpool players made its way to Brazil this summer, Liverpool doctor Steve Peters also gone with the team and the whole Liverpool squad came back unscathed. Something like this would have been much better now than the headline making decision of the Northern Irishman. And with the likes of Henderson, Lallana and Sterling playing for the same manager Nationally, Rodgers’ decision to snub Sturridge seems a decision which cannot be deciphered. However as they say time is the best remedy, it should be hoped that the current Liverpool boss makes his decision wiser forward in day.

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