After their 4-1 loss against Arsenal over the weekend, and with the controversy over Raheem Sterling still looming in the background, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says that his team will probably have a hard time getting top players during this summer’s transfer season.

“Most players want to be in the Champions League, but I think also that Liverpool is a great club,” Rodgers said in an interview. Liverpool’s chances of getting a shot at next year’s Champions League due after their 4-1 loss to Arsenal on Saturday and the4ir earlier loss to Manchester United.

“Liverpool is a phenomenal club that players want to play for, but, of course, players want to play at the top level of the game and if you are not in the Champions League it makes it difficult for you,” the Reds’ boss noted of their prospects. “We know that, but we just have to continue to fight in order to be a stable club in there — and we will continue to do that.”

Rodgers also said that their situation is unlikely to change, what with Arsenal’s and the two Manchesters’ great showing.

“We want to be in the Champions League, that is important and it is key for us, but it is highly unlikely this year,” the manager lamented. “I wouldn’t expect the others to slip up, then add to that the growing number [of players] we have got unavailable and I think it will make it very, very difficult.”

However, the 42-year old manager is still optimistic about their prospects for the ongoing season. “Obviously the FA Cup is a priority for us, but there have been lots of positives from it, looking at players’ development, seeing players grow, it has been good.”

“We aim to finish strongly and we have an obligation to represent the supporters in the last seven games, and in the FA Cup, to finish as well as we can.”

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