With his team nearly out of the race for this season’s Premier League title, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers vows that they will be getting the title next season.

“Absolutely,” Rodgers remarked when asked whether he thinks they will have a shot for the title next year. “We have great hope we can really push on again. I have absolutely no doubt it will happen.”

The manager has been heavily criticised by both fans and the media for the team falling short of contending for the Premier League title. The last time that Liverpool snagged the English title was 25 years ago in 1990.

The setback also means that their chance to qualify for next season’s Champions League has dwindled greatly. The Reds’ current predicament is further worsened by their loss against Aston Villa in the FA Cup semis.

Rodgers admitted to their lacklustre performance. “Of course it’s been disappointing not to have had a challenge [for the title], but when I came in here that was a long way off. The club was eighth and you’d never have even talked about it.”

The 42-year old head also recognized the effort that they need to do to sign up key acquisitions to help in their campaign next season. “It will be a big summer for us to find the right type of player that can come in and do that,” he said. “Then we can go and work how we’ve worked for a lot of the last 18 months.”

However, when asked about the potential acquisitions that his team are going to make, Rodgers was silent. Liverpool has shown interest in the last few months in getting PSV Eindhoven winger Memphis Depay, but the manager refused to say as to where they are currently in initiating actual negotiations.

Nevertheless, Rodgers acknowledged that their current standing might make ity hard for them to get players. “If we’re not in the Champions League which is probably highly likely, players will still maybe want to come but they want to play in the Champions League.”

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