Despite their chances to secure a spot in the top four of the Premier League, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is still confident that they will be able to get a trophy, this time in the FA Cup.

“I think if we didn’t get in the top four and we didn’t have a trophy this year, we ourselves would be disappointed,” Rodgers mused when interviewed by reporters. “That’s the expectancy we want. We want to be able to be challenging every year. The FA Cup would mark a good step forward for us.”

However, when asked if winning the FA Club would mean that this season is considered a success for the team, Rodgers refused to give a definite answer. “I don’t want to go down the route of saying that,” he stressed. “But our objective was to win a trophy this season.”

Rodgers also said that there are still lots of preparations that his team needs to do in order to improve their chances at the FA Cup title. The 42-year old manager revealed that he has been trying to build back the confidence of his team following the major losses that they have suffered against Manchester United and Arsenal.

“It’s just about preparing them on the training field and looking to reinforce the confidence,” he remarked.

Rodgers also says that he still remains positive with their remaining seven games in the Premier League. He stressed that these games will be able to give them as much as 31 points in the tables. He also mentions that the teams above them all still have games to play that can affect the rankings.

However, the Liverpool manager acknowledged that there are still a lot of issues that their team needs to deal with, including finding ways to increase their average number of goals. “We are still trying to find solutions at the top end of the field,” he explained. “When everyone is fit and available we are able to compete with this squad, but our top goalscorer is on six goals. Three players on six goals is the reality of where we are at, and we have to find solutions for that.”

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