After Raheem Sterlng’s much publicized interview regarding his contract dispute, Liverpool team manager Brendan Rodgers comes out and criticizes the winger’s advisers for the unsanctioned move.

“You are not a 20-year-old boy and you pick up the phone and ask to speak to the BBC,” Rodgers stressed in the post-game interview after their match against Arsenal. “You don’t do it. Him in particular. But, of course, if he is asked to do that by other parties then that is what he’ll do.”

Sterling’s interview drew flak from several personalities after the winger said that he was no “money grabber” after rejecting a £100,000–a-week offer from the Reds and stating that . Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen accused Sterling and his agent Aidy Ward of trying to play up his situation to gain sympathy.

Rodgers did not hide his anger about the interview being conducted so close  before a major match. “In the modern game it’s something that would frustrate us all,” the Liverpool manager stressed. “It’s the market.”

However, Rodgers reiterated that he does not entirely blame the young player. “In fairness to Raheem, I brought Raheem in from the youth team so I know the kid well and I know a big part of this is nothing to do with him. He’s a kid who is focused on his football, works hard every single day, he just wants to play his football.”

The 42-year old manager also said that he still believes that Sterling will ultimately end back with them. “I had a good chat with him and given my opinion on it,” he related. “The only thing I will say on Raheem’s situation is anyone can see through his football development, and financial, Liverpool Football Club is the best place for him.”

Despite suiting up for Liverpool amid the controversy, Sterling’s presence didn’t help the Reds avoid a 4-1 beating by Arsenal in their match Saturday.

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