After what came in as a shocking twist of his team losing their semifinals match on Sunday, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers admits that his team lacks “courage and bravery” to pull through in major matches.

“We need to have the courage and bravery to play better in the big games,” Rodgers remarked. “We looked as if the occasion and the energy got to us a wee bit. But that’s what can happen sometimes.”

“We’ve reached two semifinals. We need to have the courage now to play better in the big games because we didn’t play well enough [against Villa]. The Blues’ defeat came in as an unpleasant followup to their failed attempt in the semifinals of the Capital One Cup in January, where they were outgunned by eventual Cup winners Chelsea.

“Technically we weren’t quite on it,” the manager lamented. “We looked like the occasion got to us a little bit. Sometimes you can want to win too much.”

Liverpool actually got the lead early in the match, after winger Philippe Coutinho scored in the half hour mark. However, Villa managed to come back with an equaliser made by Christian Benteke. Come tenh minutes into the second half, Villa was assured the finals seat after Fabian Delphi smade the deciding goal.

“There will be disappointment over the next few days,” Rodgers said of the effect of the loss to his team. “But we now have to get ready for our next league game. This last block of games, it’s more the performance level hasn’t been what we would like.”

The manager also said that he recognized the areas that they need to work on. “We’ve come up short in a few games, it’s something we need to improve. All these experiences will make them better. We’re a team that’s grown and changed quite a bit in the summer and all these experiences will hopefully help in the future.”

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