After his side lost 4-1 to Arsenal during the weekend matches, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers allayed rumors of a locker room crisis going on between him and his players.

“We have lots of meetings here in terms of analysing performance, and it was no different to a whole host of meetings we’ve had throughout the year,” Rodgers said when asked about the rumoured intensed closed door talks he had with his players after the match. “It was those meetings that allowed us to recover from the bad start that we had and win 10 games out of 13.”

UK newspaper The Mirror earlier released an article claiming that Rodgers had accused his players of not performing at their best, leading to their loss. The article further claimed that the incide4nt has prompted several players to speak against their manager.

“It was nothing, really,” the Reds’ boss stressed. “It was analysing performance and where we’re at, and then feeding forward to the players what the objectives are, with seven games to go and an FA Cup quarterfinal. It was just unfortunate that something else was made of it.”

However, Rodgers also acknowledged that his team’s performance is indeed falling below his expectations. “In the last four games we’ve played, we haven’t created as much, and that’s more about ourselves than anything the opposition have done.

While they are still within the top group of the current Premier League standings, Liverpool experienced major defeat against Manchester United and Arsenal, which has greatly diminished their chances of seeing action in next year’s Champions League.

“In the first Blackburn game and the matches following that, we probably haven’t created

as much,” Rodgers noted. “We want to focus on creating those chances. It’s my job to find the solutions.” The Reds only has seven more games remaining for this season.

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