Rodgers says Mario Balotelli the Italian star has already proved how much he cares about his new club Liverpool. He went ahead to insist that the player is not complicated, but he feels that Mario and other new players need some time to adjust to the new squad in Liverpool.

Balotelli joined the reds this summer following a move from AC Milan worth 16 million pounds. Liverpool had a poor start in the premier league after losing three matches in their first 5 opening games. However, Balotelli scored a goal for Liverpool on Tuesday during their champions league match against Ludogorets where they won 2-1. Liverpool’s manager reshaped the whole squad after selling Suarez for 75 million pounds to Barcelona and signed 9 more players into the club.

On the other hand, AC Milan claims that they are better off without the Italian star. During the last season, the clubs attack only revolved around Balotelli. Following his departure this summer, the club spent 10.8 million pounds signing new players who are expected to make a positive impact in the club.

Liverpool however expects to shine when they host Middlesbrough on Tuesday during their capital one cup match despite their 3-1 loss to west ham on Saturday in the premier league. Liverpool is still facing some challenges in their squad due to some injuries including Midfielder Henderson hip problem and Coutinho groin problem. Javi Manquillo is however expected to be available for selection in the next Liverpool match.

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