Mimicry is a common phenomenon that takes place in different fields including football. In history, several teams have tried the act to keep some curses at bay and try out some luck with the mimicry myth.

Bayern Munich once tried the act in 1983 when they played in a Brazilian kit that involved sky blue shorts and yellow shirts with an aim of alleviating the Betzenberg curse.

The team had not won anything in 8 years, but since they changed their jersey, they kept winning and only lost in 1987 against Porto in the European cup final. On Saturday, Borussia Dortmund decided to try the same trick while playing against Hannover 96 at home.

They asked for permission from the authorities and later allowed to wear their lucky champions’ league attire. With the ‘lucky’ attire, Dortmind had won 3 games in the group stage. However, Hannover were not fooled by the trick and they kept pushing for a goal to gunner all three points from the match.

Ron Robert Zieler made several saves keeping their hopes alive. During the second half, Borussia conceded one goal from Hiroshi Kiyotake who scored the only goal in the match. Dortmund recorded the 4th defeat in a row and the 6th in just 9 league matches.

Paul Koroma

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