Best Soccer Training Equipment & Gears

Sporting equipment and gears comes in different shapes and size  depending on the sport. Sports equipment typically ranges from goals to balls, and other protective items such as helmets and shin guards.

Generally, they are used as a tool to assist and protect the athletes and they have evolved over time and more and more sports are starting to demand more protective gear to avoid injuries. Soccer Is no different. It is a physical sport with enjoyable and risky moments.

If you are not protected well with the right safety gear, you might end up getting injured. Keeping safe and performing at your best when playing soccer significantly depends on the soccer gear you use.

That is why we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide for different soccer equipment/gears for players and coaches. This information will help you and your team make an informed decision regarding the soccer equipment and gears you buy.

We have also included the best/top selling equipment after each guide, so you do not have to go looking for them. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Soccer Bags 

Soccer Bags

Having a quality and durable soccer bag to accommodate your soccer items and help you carry them when coming and going to and from your soccer games and practices is highly imperative.

Generally, a soccer bag assists you in properly organizing your soccer gears during soccer practice sessions or matches. 

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when shopping for a good soccer bag. Generally, a soccer bag assists you in properly organizing your soccer gears during soccer practice sessions or matches. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when shopping for a good soccer bag.

Material: There are several essential things to consider when it comes to the material of your soccer bag. Water-resistance and resistance to wear and tear are some of the things you need to keep in mind during your purchase. Go for a soccer backpack with a material that offers incredible water resilience. The material of your bag’s exterior should also be resistant to wear and tear. 

Size: One of the first things to keep in mind when buying a soccer bag is the size you want. A bag that is too small will not hold everything you require, and one that’s too big might be burdening. The best option is to pick a soccer bag with some compartments and enough pockets to hold your soccer gear.

Durability: Your bag’s durability is among the most important things to consider when shopping for one. Select a soccer bag that’s made from nylon fabric and high-quality polyester. You will also want to pick a bag with some resilient zippers that are not prone to breaking or getting stuck.

Shape: At first, the shape of a soccer bag may not seem important, but it has a lot to do with how easy and comfortable it’ll be to carry. Take time to look for an ergonomically designed bag because it will be the best for you and kids as well.

Color: Your soccer bag’s colors have nothing to do with resilience or durability. If you are searching for some accessories that compliment your uniform, you will want to select coordinating colors. However, most manufacturers usually have two to three color varieties to select between.

Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls

Finding the perfect soccer ball for your needs can be a challenging task. With many brands available on the market and varying price points, finding the right ball can be difficult. Here is a list of the important things to keep in mind when selecting the best soccer ball.

Size: The soccer player’s age will determine the size of the soccer ball you’ll need to buy. Generally, soccer balls range between size 1 and 5, and younger kids will require a size three soccer ball. Pre-teens require a size four, while teens and adults require a size five.

Nevertheless, this might vary in different leagues. You need to practice using the same size as you’ll be using during the game so that you can become used to the way the soccer ball moves through the air and how it plays off your feet.

Bladder: The bladder is the inside part that holds air in the ball. Most bladders are made of butyl rubber or natural latex, depending on the ball’s quality. Butyl bladders normally have greater air retention, and you need to reflate them less often when compared to the balls with some latex bladders.

Material: Most of the soccer balls are usually made of PVC or Polyurethane or synthetic leather. PVC is mainly used for indoor soccer balls, while Polyurethane is the best material for high-quality soccer balls. Synthetic leather soccer balls are mainly designed for professional matches and the highest level of gameplay because they deliver increased control.

Panels: Panels refer to the small segments that make up the outer part of a soccer ball. Generally, there are three construction options that you can select from; machine-stitching, hand-stitching, and thermal bonding. The numbers of panels vary from one ball to another, but the common amounts are 18-panel, 26-panel, and 32-panel. The fewer the available panels, the stronger and more water-resistant your soccer ball will be.

Linings: The lining is the part that sits between the cover and the bladder of the ball. They are often made from cotton material or polyester attached. High-premium balls have four or even more lining layers to offers the ball bounce, structure, and protection.

Brand: The difference between various brands isn’t always quality but the way they are made and the research you put into it. The best thing about purchasing from a well-known and reputable brand is that they’ve got a good track record of quality.

Shin Guards

Shin Guards

Soccer shin guards are among the essential equipment when playing a league match, be it professional or tiny tots. If you have played such games, you fully understand the need to wear one.

Quality soccer shin guards protect you from any form of leg-level injuries or contacts. You can comfortably do things like slide tackles or other wild kicks without the worry of getting injured.

Choosing the most suitable shin guards can get tricky, especially if you do not have enough information about their features.

This guide offers you feature to consider when buying your shin guards depending on your age, preferences, level of play, and position.

Size: A soccer shin guard comes in different sizes, and you can pick one depending on your body height. You should first check out the guidelines offered on every shin guard to determine your right size to buy. Always go for a soccer shin guard that nicely shields your leg from injuries.

Safety Standards: Shin guards are designed to offer different levels of safety. There are some which are harder than others, and every game played has specifications of the safety standards to use. The NOCSAE gives quality and safety standards for every shin guard worn during college and high school games. Therefore, look for the NOCSAE approved certified shin guards with proves of the body's stamp.

Preferred Type: Before going to the market for your soccer shin guards, you should know which style you want. You can choose between full-length and ship-in shin guards. Full-length are long and offer high-level protection to your ankles and shins while ship-in are lightweight and small in size. Some full-length guards come with removable ankle guards, elastic straps, and extra ankle padding. Slip-in guards are often worn inside your snug sock or tied with its accompanying compression sleeve.

Game Position: : Being a soccer player means that you have your preferred position when in the field. Every post prefers a different type of guard. If you are a defender, you take much beating and so your shin guards must be long-sized and have ankle guards included. If you play as a midfielder, you are most suited to have a middle-sized guard, so either type can. Forwards are much suited by the lightweight slip-in guard, for they need quick motion. Being a goalkeeper does not require much of leg protection. So, always pick a guard that suits your game position.

Ball Pump

Soccer Ball Pump

It is quite a disappointment when heading to a game or practice, only to find out that your ball is flat. If you are a soccer lover, it is important to ensure that your ball remains adequately inflated.

You may never be able to tell the quality of a pump just by looking at it. You need to understand some of the characteristic of what makes the best ball pump. Some of the features to look for are as follows.

Affordability: Any soccer ball pump you purchase should match your budget. However, these pumps are among the much affordable equipment in soccer accessories.Take your time to compare the pump prices from various vendors before settling on a particular pump.

Efficiency: Ensuring that the pumping of your ball takes minimal struggle requires a perfect soccer ball pump with at least 99.99% efficiency. Most double-action pumps offer you easy and fast pumping hence greater efficiency. Besides, some pumps come with a pressure gauge to ensure your inflation levels are to the recommendations. Some single action soccer pumps are also highly efficient.

Ease of Use: Always have in mind the soccer pump user. It may be your child who is to use it for their ball. A perfect soccer ball pump is easy to use. You need a pump that will only take you a few minutes to teach yourself or your child how to use it.

Durability: When purchasing a soccer ball pump, you should pick one designed to offer longevity and high value for your money. Also, the pump's weight should allow portability. Therefore, go for one made of ABS material with a quality base. A good case is one with an aluminum base.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats & Training Footwear

A soccer cleats is one of the must have accessories for you to be able to play the game. You need a cleat that offers unrelenting traction and feel of the soccer ball.

Having the right cleat helps improves your performance. However, it may prove a challenge picking the right cleat because you have to factor in the field and also your game style.

More so, many brands and vendors offer all sorts of cleats, and choosing which one to buy requires some research. This guide will offer you some essential hacks to help you choose the right soccer cleat and training footwear.

Type & Design: Every brand has its unique cleat types in the market. Choosing one that best suits you much depends on the field and other gaming restrictions. There are about five different cleat types that you can choose from. The firm ground soccer shoes are typically used during outdoor games on artificial or natural grass fields. They offer extra traction when on hard, dry surfaces. Hard ground soccer cleats are your second option. You can pick them if you are to play on patchy fields or rock-hard surfaces. Indoor soccer shoes are third. They are specifically designed to suit players on glossy, hard indoor courts and often come without cleats.

Turf soccer shoes are made with highly-concentrated conical cleats for use on turf or artificial grounds when training. Lastly, the soft ground soccer shoes, designed for traction while playing on muddy fields, come with longer metallic studs. Ordinary soccer shoes often come with permanently attached or molded cleats, but some have detachable cleats for high versatility. Go for the right soccer cleats as they are your most crucial arsenal while in the field.

Material: Many changes and modifications to the soccer cleat materials have happened over the years due to technology evolution. What does not have to change is the goal of creating a cleat that is hyper-lightweight, thin, durable, comfortable, and right in ball delivery. You can choose between traditional 'K-leather' cleats, natural or synthetic leather shoes. Some are highly preferred than others due to their comfort, softness, natural feel while playing, more waterproof, and such. 

The modern cleat materials are made with a highly textured ball-kicking surface for increase traction and control in every kick. This attribute potentially makes the difference in your soccer game. Therefore, always go for a waterproof, thick padded insole cleat for extra comfort, and targeted stitching characteristic soccer shoe.

Ankle height: When thinking of the right ankle height of your cleat, you can either pick the mid or low-profile soccer shoes. Mid-profile preference due to their extra ankle protection may coerce you to pick them too. They lower sprain chances but limit your speed and range of movement. Such mid-profile cleats may be best for you if you play the defensive position. But for the winger or forward player, you will need a low-profile ankle heightened shoe to allow faster motion.

Fit: After narrowing down your soccer footwear options, always have it in your mind that you better have a fitting cleat than one that snugs. Consider the stretching ability of your soccer shoe and take one that fits you. A tighter-fitting cleat gives you a natural sense of soccer game. Have a shoe that perfectly accommodates your fingers and guarantee comfort to help move your soccer game higher levels.


Soccer Shorts and Pants

You need to know a few hacks to help you pick the best soccer shorts/pants. You should acquire shorts that are comfortable for you to wear and have enough allowance for incredible performance.

Everyone holds their specific perceptions of what the 'perfect' soccer pants entail, but here are a few of the critical factors to consider when buying soccer shorts/pants.

Material: The material used in making soccer pants is the primary determiner of its durability and comfort. I believe that you would not like to wear your newly acquired pants for a single time in the field and dispose of it after that. Always go for a nylon or polyester fabric that guarantees you high value for your money and can withstand wear and tear while you train or play.

Suitable Size: Soccer shorts come in different sizes. It is very uncomfortable wearing one that is buggy or extremely tight to make you uncomfortable. When selecting your soccer shorts, always check on the right size. Otherwise, it may cost you a lot of money or trouble for exchanging with a better one. Know your waist and height before getting to the retailer shop.

Design: Every soccer shorts you buy should suit your taste and preferences in every aspect. Some soccer pants are designed with slits at the bottom ends, others with an internal lining, with an elastic waist or a tier. Check the making and finishing of your shorts before picking one.

Soccer Jacket

Soccer Jacket

A soccer jacket normally comes handy during the winter season. It can also be a great way to showcase the love for your favorite team. However, choosing the perfect jacket can sometime prove to be a tough task.

Most people are stranded between sourcing a cheap jacket and having to go through the frequent replacements after they inevitably tear or shrink. Here are some tips to save you the trouble.

Protective features: While warmth and comfort on the field are essential, your safety remains of great essential. You deserve to have a jacket that will protect you against every form of harm, from the bruises and scrapes to other gaming elements. You need a jacket that will protect you against contusions, injuries, and cuts.

Material: The best soccer jackets are made using lightweight, perfect material, which includes mesh side sheets to improve airflow for the less sweaty gaming experience. You don't want to pick a jacket that will leaves you itching or irritated. Always go for a jacket made of light fabric and soft on your skin for optimal comfort. Some of these fabrics are typically made from polyester and nylon to wick sweat away.

Fit: Getting a fitting soccer jacket is among the most important factors to consider. You may get tempted to wear a high-tech jacket, but it is too tight or keeps sliding on your body. However, you most likely need the jacket during the cold weather days. Always get a jacket that is fit and designed to offer you the comfort and freedom of movement without feeling restricted or pinched.

Soccer Socks

Soccer Socks

Every soccer player can relate to the feeling of suffering a blisters and other pain that may really affect their performance. Having a perfect pair of socks during a game can help prevent you from such injuries.

With different brands on the market, getting the right quality may prove a difficult task. Nonetheless, there are various characteristics to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect socks. The guide outlined below will help you make a better buying decision.

Material: Soccer socks are made of different materials, and every one of them is known for their preferences and strengths. Some are made of cotton, which quickly absorbs sweat and are highly comfortable. Others are made of wool, which is thermostatic and can control temperatures to keep the feet dry and comfortable regardless of the temperatures. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon blend different materials for optimal performance and high agility. Pick your soccer socks depending on your taste and preference, and training or match environment conditions.

Non-slip: Your feet are likely to slip inside your shoes during movement, especially after getting sweaty. However, you need non-slip soccer socks that hinder such movement. Most of these socks are designed using pads that hold and secure your feet in the shoe. They enhance the grip for better performance.

Compression Technology: The making of good soccer socks features good compression to offer a player with a firm, supportive fit, and eliminate discomforts. The compression technology provides stability even as you play, for there are no chances of constriction. Go for soccer socks made with compression technology to guarantee tightness around your legs and eliminate fatigue.

Breathability: It is essential to pick soccer socks that offer room for your feet to breathe fully. Also, you need socks that keep your feet dry. Such features are found by the selection of the right fabric to absorb excessive moisture. They not only offer great comfort but also keep your feet odor-free.

Cushioning: Soccer socks are meant to enhance the comfort of your feet inside the shoe. However, socks that are well cushioned make it much better, for they guarantee security and shock absorption. You can play or train for long while wearing high cushioned soccer socks without complaints of discomfort and injuries.

Ankle Braces

Soccer Ankle Braces

Ankle injuries are among the most common soccer injuries, but fortunately, there are numerous options for ankle braces that can help you stay safe when playing or training.

However, the wide selection and countless brands on the market also make it quite difficult to know the difference between them, and the best ankle brace for your specific needs. Below are some important factors to keep in mind during your purchase.

Material: When shopping for an ankle brace, you need to check whether it is made of quality fabric. Since it’s a skin-fit item, settling for poor-quality material due to a lower price might eventually deteriorate your skin condition. Besides, it’s a good idea to go for premium-fabric ankle braces because they’re far more durable.

Safety: The key purpose of ankle braces is to provide talocrural protection to the player. Always ensure that the braces incorporate the advanced compression technology known to prevent the ankle part from swelling.

Comfort: When buying ankle braces for soccer or any other athletic game, you should pick a breathable and lightweight brand. Otherwise, it might be very uncomfortable to keep moving around because you will not get the flexibility you need when training or playing. Furthermore, you should also select the right fit since an oversized or undersized product will make you uncomfortable when moving.

Agility/Speed Equipment

Soccer Agility and Speed Equipment

Agility and speed soccer training kits can make for a great workout. They help in building and strengthening your muscles. Choosing the right agility and speed training equipment may prove impossible, especially when you do not know what to look for in a kit.

When buying any of the agility/speed soccer equipment, you need to understand their use and features at large. Below are some of their characteristics that would guide your buying decision.

Jump Rope: A jump rope leads the list of the traditional, proven tools for quickness, agility, speed, coordination, and overall fitness and athleticism. You need a jump rope that is long enough to allow you interval timed straight jumps and other minutes of exercises. You also get to strengthen your ankles and feet to prevent injuries when playing soccer. 

Get a durable jump rope to avoid frequent replacement. Besides its length and adjustable height, the rope material is also a factor to consider. The handles of your jump rope should be comfortable and withstand vigorous training. Do not go for a heavy rope as your hands may get tired. It is among the most portable and least expensive training equipment you can have.

Cones: This equipment tops the list of equipment to perfect your soccer skills. It is known to significantly improve your ability to quickly change directions, accelerate, and decelerate with precise body control and timing. It is a perfect tool for you as an athlete and an essential at any assessment combine. 

When buying agility cones, you should go for the ones with multiple but high-visibility colors to effectively mark your training area. Also, factor in their durability such that they do not break even when stepped on, have a carrying rack to easily store and transport, and at least 2" tall.

Coaching Sticks: When playing soccer, the highly successful players can easily find the ball and are in the right places at the right time. The coaching sticks are meant to develop your foot strength, agility, and speed. You can set them at your backyard and do your plyometric drills, goals, and keeper training. When going for your stick, you need to get them with lightweight, compact design for secure storage and transport. Also, they need to have an easy to set, firm base to hold the ground, right height, and bright colors.

Agility Ladder: The soccer agility ladder serves to enhance your speed, acceleration, balance, and agility, in addition to developing your tendons, ligaments, and joints. Drills involving the ladder are categorized as high-intensity interval workouts. When purchasing one, you need to look at its durability, versatility, and suitability in soccer training.

Octa Ring: Getting a perfect octa ring from the many vendors in the market requires you to understand some of its fundamental features. You need an octa ring that can quickly get snapped together to make a collection of formations. Some of these include the hurdle ladder. The rings should be durable, easy to bring down, store and transport in their carry bag. Also, get a package that has not less than six octagons for efficient training.

Training Mannequins

Soccer Training Mannequins

There are countless soccer mannequins available for purchase. However, all of them aren’t made equally. When you want to know whether any fee kick dummy is good for you, it is important to base your decision on the features and characteristics outlined below.

Size: Size is one of the most important characteristics when shopping for soccer training mannequins. The aim of utilizing mannequins as a stand-in for a soccer defender or as a soccer wall is to have a real situation.

Generally, mannequins come in three different ranges—around 4 inches for younger players under 12 years and around 5.4 inches for players under 18 years. Ranges between 5.10 and 6 inches are suitable for senior players.

Color: Since mannequins are used for practicing spatial awareness and precision, it would be a good idea to have them brightly painted. That is the main reason why they usually come in bright fluorescent colors because they are highly visible. However, if you have found an ideal dummy for your training sessions, but it’s in a neutral color, you can purchase a can of spray paint to fix it with ease.

Features: One of the features you should look for is the way the mannequins are propped upright. Mannequins designed for the artificial turfs will have some form of a weighted base. If you intend to use the dummies on a natural grass pitch, it’ll have steel spikes that are around 4 to 5 inches long. Luckily, for those with spikes, one can purchase an extra-base for use on turfs. Such bases usually vary from thick rubber ones that weigh a few pounds to some hollow bases that you can fill with forty to fifty pounds of sand.

Portability: Your soccer training mannequin should remain in place during practice and training sessions. However, you will have to carry it to and from the pitch before and after your training. That means the weight of your training dummies can be a limiting factor because you’ll most likely use around three of them during sessions. Unless you have a robust trolley, you should avoid purchasing steel mannequins.

Durability: Since soccer training mannequins are things you or your football team will be hitting pretty hard with the soccer ball, you must select a unit that can withstand the pressure of repeated hits and rough play.

Goal Target

Soccer Goal Target

You can improve your shooting accuracy with the help of top-quality soccer goal targets. It is a necessary training aid that every level of soccer player should own and try to use as often as possible.

Goal targets can help improve your shooting skills and become much more precise with your shots. It can also help boosts your finishing technique. That is why we have put together this guide to help you choose a goal target that is high quality and will last you for a while.

Size: Some soccer goal targets come with multi-holes, while others have a single target hole. The difference between them is as a result of the target sheet seizes. Some come in nine different sizes ranging between 5ft x 4ft and 24ft x 8ft. You should consider buying a sizeable soccer goal target that suits your expectations in training and proficiency.

Versatility: When going for a soccer goal target, always ensure you pick one that has high versatility. It will enable you to set it at your backyard, or anywhere you wish to sharpen your soccer shooting skill. It should be strong enough to withstand different terrains and outdoor elements. Go for one that is suitable for both short and long-range shots.

Design: The design of your soccer goal should depict professional soccer training equipment at every perspective. It should suit strikers across age groups and ability levels. Therefore, you should look at the quality of the frame, net, and net ties. Go for a soccer goal target that has bungee technology net ties to solidly hold the sheet and withstand the velocity of your ball hits.

Durability: The longevity, strength, and ability to withstand weather elements are among the essential factors to consider when buying a soccer goal target. Some of the most eye-catching target goals and sheets may not serve you for long. They quickly get acted upon by the forces of wear and tear. You need to buy weatherproof soccer goal targets that are wind-protected for better shape retention even in stormy conditions.

Solo Trainer

Solo Soccer Trainer

It is fun and highly convenient to improve your soccer skills alone. A soccer solo trainer allows you to stretch and better your soccer training anywhere by yourself.

Using one helps you develop confidence and skills and improve passing, juggling, throwing, ball control, shooting, and receiving. A perfect solo trainer should hold and tether even the highly aggressive play. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when shopping for a good soccer solo trainer.

Size: Every solo trainer comes with specifications of the limits it can hold. These limits include the ball glove, and the levels the belt can stretch. You need a solo trainer that can accommodate different size of soccer balls, maybe 3, 4, and 5. Also, buy one that has a quality loop closure and adjustable hook belt that can fit you regardless of your body size.

Portability: An ideal solo trainer should allow you to train anywhere you wish. You need one that you can easily fold and pack to carry with you, whether playing in your backyard or out in the field. Some come with a carry bag while others do not. Go for one that is easy to carry and move with from one area to another, and that you can easily tie it to yourself and start playing.

Material: There are several essential things to consider when it comes to the material of your solo trainer. Elasticity and ability to withstand the forces of wear and tear are things you need to keep in mind during your purchase. You need a trainer designed to offer high elasticity, and that does not get easily worn out. Try get a soccer trainer that will provide you with high value for your money.

Color: Depending on your training habits, you need a trainer that can withstand dirt and other effects of your training venue. Some soccer trainers are made with brighter materials than others. Always go for one that will not make you look dirty, and that suits your taste and preference.

Rebounder Wall

Soccer Rebounder Wall

A soccer rebounder wall allows you to practice your pass and other soccer technique by yourself or with your team. To make sure you are choosing the best soccer rebounder wall for your needs, here are a few things you need to consider. These are:

Size: Soccer rebounder walls come in a variety of sizes to help meet the unique needs of various players. When deciding on the rebounder size to select, you need to consider the particular area of soccer you would like to perfect and your age.

Weight: If you are walking for a long distance to get to your training pitch, you should select a relatively light rebounder. However, avoid going for a rebounder that’s too light because it might get knocked down by powerful shots or get blown over by the wind.

Assembly: Many rebounders you will find on the market are constructed using tight nets made from bungee cords, which makes them incredibly difficult to assemble. During your purchase, make sure the rebounder wall that you can easily assemble within a short time.

Netting: The rebounder’s netting is an aspect worth considering when looking for a rebounder wall. You will want to pick an all-weather net with a small and tight-knit. An all-weather net is essential because it can withstand extreme climatic conditions. The tight-knit is pretty easy to work with, especially when you’ve got small soccer balls and creates a better reaction as well.

Durability: A suitable rebounder wall should be in a position to withstand many hits before showing any signs of wear and tear. It’s better to go for expensive rebounder walls if you don’t want the netting to the fray over time or develop holes.

Training Tennis Net

Soccer Training Tennis Net

A soccer tennis help players get better and coordination and teamwork especially if training is done in groups. While choosing a tennis net for training, you will find several types of them on the market. As a result, you might pick the wrong one. Therefore, it’s vital to use this buying guide when choosing the training tennis net.

Material used: When selecting the best tennis net, you should ensure that it’s made from high-quality materials to enjoy great performance. 

Tennis nets made from braided net cord can offer exceptional performance. You can find some nets made from polyester, nylon, and other similar materials that provide high durability.

Cable: The cable quality of tennis nets determines the breaking strength of your net. Ensure that the cable of the tennis net has a vinyl coating for better strength. It would be best to select the tennis net with higher breaking strength to get better usability.

Size: Before purchasing a soccer training tennis net, you need to ensure that it perfectly suits your playing area. If you purchase the tennis net with a smaller size or bigger size than your playing location, then it will be of no use for you. Therefore, you need to check its size to ensure it meets all your needs.

Durability: Durability is essential to consider when choosing an item. You should ensure the tennis net you pick is built using durable materials if you want it to give you superior performance for a long time. If the quality of the mesh is good, the soccer training tennis net can give you an excellent experience.

Height adjustment: While choosing a soccer training tennis net for your children or training requirements, you should make sure that the height is easy to adjust according to your needs. By considering height adjustment, you can enjoy high flexibility during your training sessions or backyard games.

Soccer Tracker

Soccer Tracker

Technology and its effects are far-reaching to every aspect of human life. Smart devices and wearable are making life more bearable and exciting. In soccer, trackers have turned out as some of the essential equipment to have during matches and training sessions.

Soccer trackers help you as the player, coach, or even doctor to monitor the process. They often measure the physical metrics, the likes of speed, distance, and such, and send the information to your smartphone or other connected devices.

The market today is getting flooded with soccer tracker brands and choosing the right one may get tricky. They all have a unique feature, but some of the fundamental factors to consider when buying them are highlighted below.

Affordability: You don't need to invest in a highly expensive soccer tracker, especially when training without the assurance of its other features. When buying one, always go for an affordable tracker that has most of the features you need. At least, the tracker should measure the training distance, average pace, speeds, DHML, sprint count, acceleration count, and such.

Connectivity: Your soccer tracker should have a connectivity feature to transmit the measured parameters to your smartphone or other gadgets. Most trackers have both Bluetooth and USB connectivity for efficient data transfer.

Storage Capacity: The tracker should have enough storage capacity to keep a record of several months, if not years. Having a soccer tracker with an 8GB memory is an assurance that you can retrieve your data several years later.

Vest Design: Soccer trackers are used alongside a training vest gear. You need a comfortable, well-designed, and accommodative size. These vests come in varying sizes to guarantee fitness and comfort even as you train or play.

Battery: Knowing that the tracker is an energy-consuming device, you need to check its battery attributes. Always pick a soccer tracker that has a rechargeable battery that can last longer and get recharged quickly.

Application: The mini-computerized device requires an interactive interface for better monitoring of various parameters. It is the same interface that is then transferred to your computer or smartphone. Go for a tracker whose app is well-designed and allows you to share your information with friends or other trainees.

Portability: Imagine having a very heavy gadget attached to your body. It is highly tiring and could limit your performance. Hence, you should select a soccer tracker that is lightweight, portable, and easy to attach to your training vest

Technology: Accuracy is among the key characteristics of a good soccer tracker and comes as a result of the technology used in designing and making the device. The tracker should also accommodate different parameters that are of particular interest to you. Your coach or other persons of interest should also easily connect and offer their advice or services based on the recorded data facts.

Coaching Boards

Coaching Board

Being a coach requires you to have strong soccer tactics or coaching boards as essential equipment. Regardless of level or individuals, you are coaching, and the capacity to efficiently offer clear and understandable soccer tactics instructions to your players is highly invaluable.

Describing game plans, tactics, or half-game changes is more comfortable and more effective if drawn on a soccer board. Therefore, you require a magnetic marker or pen to offer your training skills. Sourcing the best whiteboard, since not all are equal, you need to look at the following features to determine your purchasing choice.

Intended Use: Soccer coaching boards are mainly used in two ways. There are those suitable for drawing, while others are best for moving around the magnetic instructional pieces. If you intend to use it for drawing, you need one that suits your pen and easy to dry-erase the surface. If you intend to use it for magnetic moving, you need one that comes with magnetic or metallic backing and a sufficient number of magnets. Most magnetic boars can also get used for drawing, so having one is to your advantage.

Durability: The durability of your board is of great importance. You need a board that will endure and withstand all the elements even when used during outdoor training. Some boards are specially designed for exclusive indoor use. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a durable soccer coach board depending on where it will get used.

Size: There are all sorts of boards in the market. Some are small to the size of a notebook and are ideally used during drills and games. Others are as big as the size of school blackboards, and a perfect for use during your tactical class sessions. You need to select your tactical board size depending on your intended purpose to avoid limitations.

Design: The making of your board is probably the most efficient way of choosing. Some tactical boards are small for use at the sidelines and other big for lessons in big classrooms. Some come with accompanying practice lesson planners or even match trackers. Others have included half-pitch diagrams for you to draw specific set-piece routines quickly. Hence, go for a design that suits your needs and uses.

Soccer Goals

Best Soccer Goals

If you would like to have a high soccer playing experience regardless of the location, you should go for a high-quality soccer goal. Here are some of the essential factors you should keep in mind when selecting a soccer goal.

Size: The right size of a soccer goal significantly depends on the specific ages of the players utilizing the field. In reality, anybody can play football with any sized soccer goal and on any field size.

However, if you’re going to play sanctioned games, it is advisable to practice using a standard-sized soccer goal. The full-size or standard goal is usually 24 feet wide and 8 feet high and can be used on a space that’s 90 yards long and 50 yards wide. This size is ideal for soccer players aged 12 years and above. Younger age groups should use the recommended smaller-sized structures to enhance their safety when playing.

Durability: Soccer goals tend to spend lots of time outdoors, and also take a lot of hard beatings, particularly if the players utilizing it are older. Therefore, it is necessary to consider a soccer goal made of high-quality materials that can withstand rough play and extreme weather. You can purchase steel frames for older players and plastic frames for younger players. Also, check the durability of the net because they tend to rot fast, particularly if you are in a wet region. Getting high-quality netting will save you from regular replacements.

Assembly: Most soccer goals will need some assembly, whether they are easily transportable or not. If you plan to set up your goal in one place and leave it permanently, you don’t have to worry a lot about assembly. However, if you are planning on transporting your goal frequently, then ease of assembly is vital.

Age of the players: Soccer goals usually come in different shapes and sizes for various age groups. Therefore, the average age of the players who will utilize the soccer goal determines the appropriate goal size. Selecting the right size of goal for the right age-groups is essential, especially when dealing with young football players below twelve years of age.

Stability: Soccer balls hit the goal hard, and that can cause your goal to shift or move during your game. That can be quite distracting and even lead to an unfair advantage. It would be best to get a soccer goal that’s heavy enough to avoid unnecessary movements when in use or one that features some stacks that provide stability.

Setup method: A soccer goal should be pretty easy to set up whenever you need it. Only when it’s easy to set up you can be sure that it’ll become easier for you to use it regularly.

Portability: Portability might not be an issue for players who have no plans to move their soccer goals from one place to another. However, if you would like a soccer goal that you can move around the backyard or carry on trips, portability will be a big factor to consider. Check the reviews of different models before making your purchase to ensure the soccer goal you get is portable.

AirSoccer FutTable

AirSoccer FutTable

AirSoccer games are all the rage these days, and you need a FutTable to be able to fully enjoy and take advantage of this new forum of soccer training. you need a table with a scientific design to better your gaming skills. This soccer FutTable buying guide will inform you of the factors to consider when picking this unique table.

Working Range: Every type of FutTable comes with a unique design and attachment rotary tables and heads. Some are also made with or devoid of pallet changers to offer solutions for large and medium working environment. 

Go for a table that provides optimal space for you to enjoy your gaming activities. Have your soccer ball in mind before settling on a specific table of your choice.

Material: Most FutTable buyers forget that the table's material determines the comfort they will have when using it during game play. You need to go for a table made of aluminum frame for easier portability, but with water resistance surface for longevity. Also, have a table accompanied by acrylic net fixed at its middle and high-impact-rubber bumper protector covering your table all around to avoid any accidents.

Durability: Durability is among the fundamental things to consider when shopping one. Always pick a table that is designed to offer you high value for your money and longevity. Look at the tabletop, the materials used in making the table wheels or stands, and such. Go for one that suits your budget but meant to offer optimal durability.

Referee Equipment

Soccer Referee Equipment

Soccer referees are responsible for enforcing the rules of the game. Being a soccer referee requires you to have a set of equipment that will define your roles on the field. It may be a challenge to know which among the many brands suits your needs, use, and budget. Here is a list of some essential soccer referees accessories and their basic features to consider when buying.

Footwear: Just like soccer players, a referee requires cleats that are comfortable, fit, and suitable for that specific terrain. 

The rules of the game dictate that a referee should wear black, athletic footwear. Therefore, the main factor to consider when buying one is the color, for it has to remain black. Turf, cleats, or running shoes are all allowed as long as they are black.

Whistle: Soccer refereeing is primarily done using two kinds of whistles. A pea whistle comes with a chamber that hosts a cork ball while pea-less whistle does not have that pea chamber. When deciding on which to buy, know that the pea-less whistles are the most recommended by the State Referee Committee, for they are louder. However, it is more advantageous to buy the two and carry them to the field.

Card Set: The role of a referee is to ensure that the played soccer match observed every rule of the game. However, there are various fouls done by individual players that the rules demand to either be warned or banned from the competition. You need your set of cards and a pen, both red and yellow. Buy durable and easy to write card set that perfectly fits your jersey.

Jersey and Pants: When refereeing, you must get dressed to the respective match uniform. Therefore, you need a pair of shorts and a jersey that clearly distinguishes you from the players. Buy pants and jersey that have distinctive colors, durable, comfortable fabric, and such.

Timing device: Every soccer game is played for defined time as per the set international rules. So you must have a timing device to enable you to officiate the match. You can consider buying a digital wristwatch that can withstand weather elements. Also, get a cheap and easy-to-use watch.

Other Equipment: In addition to the above-described referee gear, you will require the two assistant-referee flags, a neck lanyard for whistle carriage, and a tossing coin. Getting a writing record to account for the events during the game also serves to make you look like a professional referee.

Equipment Checklist

A soccer player normally feels comfortable wearing full/proper soccer gear while on the field. Keeping safe and performing well when playing soccer depends significantly on the gear you use.

You should never appear on the soccer field without your full/proper soccer gear. 

To help you with your protection as a player, we have compiled a comprehensive list of important soccer gears to help you be and look fully ready from the beginning of the game to the end. So, let’s look at the details.

  • Balls: You should purchase a soccer ball if you’re serious about the game. This will allow you to practice on your own, but it also gives you the chance to get to the field before your coach and start practicing by yourself or with friends before your coach arrives. Soccer balls are made of different materials and are come in various sizes. Depending on your age and current needs, you need to choose one.
  • Cleats: Every soccer player needs a cleat to prevent them from slipping and also to get better traction on the field. Besides, cleats keep your legs comfortable when playing because they come with soft padding on the inside. Also, most leagues state that every soccer player should wear soccer cleats on the field. Your soccer cleats need to be comfortable and a good fit for your feet.
  • Socks: Socks can benefit soccer players in many different ways. You should purchase the best pair of socks to help you play comfortably. You should also consider the color of soccer socks before making your purchase. You should avoid light or white colors because they become dirty pretty fast after one or two games.
  • Shin guards: Just like any other soccer item, shin guards usually play a significant role and it is one of the accessories a soccer player must have. Since soccer is a physical sport, there are regular impacts and tackling among players. As a result, your feet have high chances of getting hurt, and the injuries can be so serious. Some shin guards include ankle support to give you a tight fit. They also come in different sizes and types, depending on your style.
  • Soccer bag: To carry your soccer equipment to the football field you need a bag. Carrying all the above items can be a challenging task, particularly if you don’t have a soccer bag. Most soccer bags come with compartments and many zip pockets that allow you to keep all the necessary soccer items organized. You will find different types of soccer bags on the market, and some of them include features that can also accommodate your soccer ball too. With a soccer bag, you can easily carry your water bottle together with the other items you need when training or during a soccer match.

Training Equipment Checklist For Coach

In order to train for soccer, you should prepare and ensure you have the right tools to make your practice sessions more successful. 

There are some specific items that every soccer coach requires to have a smooth and successful soccer practice session. 

Here is a comprehensive soccer training checklist that will make every training session a successful and effective soccer practice.

  • Soccer ball – The first thing is having a soccer ball for each player on the team. As a coach, you should encourage each of your players to bring a ball to your training sessions if you don’t provide them.
  • Disk cones – You need a supply of soccer disk cones because you never know when you will need to form sidelines or a large grid to a game. Most soccer coaches utilize disk cones at least once in every training session.
  • Ball pump – The second item on your list should be a ball pump because it’s impossible to play or practice soccer with flat balls.
  • Practice vests – Soccer practice vests should be a must. Soccer drills and small-sided games are essential to the development of young players. Brightly-colored practice vests are vital to the success of small-sided games.
  • A portable goal – A portable goal is a must-have item for all age groups and vital for the small-sided games. These units eliminate any guesswork of whether or not a goal was scored and minimizes player confrontations. With portable goals, it is either out or in.
  • Corner flags and practice sticks - Both of these soccer items are essential for visual boundaries, fitness training, and goals. These are quite flexible and are an essential part of many soccer drills and exercises.
  • A good plan – A good plan is probably one of the most important items. As a soccer coach, have a well-written plan of the practice session and write down all coaching highlights and points you would like to talk to your players about. A plan will help you to remain organized, and your players will significantly benefit from your coaching abilities.
  • Players to arrive early - Last but not least, you should make sure that the players arrive at practices early and are ready in their soccer gear when practice begins.


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