Technological advancements have been of tremendous benefit to soccer in general and soccer training in particular. A wide variety of soccer training apps have been developed all with different features.

These apps are designed to assist coaches with training and managing their players conveniently. In this post, we provide a list of the best soccer training apps that soccer coaches may use.

Soccer Training Apps That Design Drills

Soccer Coach Pro

The Soccer Coach Pro app allows soccer trainers to design and manage their plays and drills with a high degree of flexibility. It offers many features allowing the coach to save and share soccer formations as photos that can either be printed or viewed on different platforms.

Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

This is a soccer tactics board app that has a lot to offer. Its most prominent feature is allowing soccer coaches to create plays and tactical soccer strategies. This app provides an easy and straightforward visual way of letting coaches share game ideas with their players.

It has full-field and half-field screen options for maximum convenience while designing plays. This app offers 47 preset tactical soccer strategies that coaches can view and adopt.

24/7 Football Coach

This is a highly intuitive and illustrative soccer training app that avails a wide range of functions. It features multiple icons that create and indicate soccer plays and drills which the coach can use for field training.

This app is especially ideal for teaching soccer strategies and performing drills with young children. You can create and save football sessions with this app and later have them printed out. It provides a convenient way of sharing your ideas with your players.

3D Tactical Pad

This is a dynamic and innovative soccer training app that avails a wide variety of tools that are very helpful in completing multiple soccer-related tasks. It is a very comprehensive training app that will help with tactical analysis, creating exercises and drawing new formations. This app is also capable of developing opponent strategy and planning training sessions.

Tactical Pad features 3D Vision that presents hyper-realistic visuals. It also features an exercise database where you can store and retrieve your training data.

The Coaching Manual

You can access this soccer training app by web or using a mobile platform. It has a free version and two paid-for versions, all of which have a lot to offer. This app provides features such as complete soccer training sessions, and it avails tools that you can use to create soccer drills. The Coaching Manual is a convenient way of registering your club and organizing your team.

You Coach

This multi-functional soccer training app may be considered an online guide that avails videos and books to help with soccer coaching. You don’t need to download anything to access the multiple features offered by You Coach.

This app is accessible with any internet-enabled device. Its exercise creation tool is easy to use and provides convenience. This app offers statistical tools, and you can plan training sessions with it. In fact, you can plan the whole season with this app. The tools provided by this app are suitable for a wide range of soccer coaching levels.

Soccer Training Boards

These apps offer a wide range of tools that plan soccer practices. Coaching and designing plays is now made easier and presented in a more visually appealing manner.

Football Tactic Board

You can use this app as a whiteboard to improve your soccer coaching. The app features a soccer coach board where you can create tactical soccer plans for multiple game situations. With this app, you can use moving arrows and create personal notes for better tactical visuals.

Soccer Board Tactics

Soccer Board Tactics is a virtual soccer training board that is a great option for improving your soccer coaching. It is easy to use and avails multiple soccer coaching tools including the marker and the line tool. It offers the options offered by traditional whiteboards more easily and appealingly.

Football Dood

The Football Dood soccer training app allows you to animate your players on your screen so that you can see how they change formations while playing.

Real-time Soccer Training Apps

My Football Coach

This is an iOS platform soccer training app that is free of charge. It offers multiple features and is easy to use. With this app, you can create, edit and save the team formation.

You may also feed the names of the players, photos and players’ numbers. This app enables you to put the players in their positions and choose game tactics.

It allows you to make arrangements for each half and determine the players to leave the field and the players to enter. You can keep the score using this app and record your team’s activities in real-time.

Coach it Soccer

Coach It Soccer was developed for use during soccer matches. It avails multiple tools that you can use to configure your line-up and record game statistics in real-time. This app helps you to manage your team as the match proceeds, and it is a convenient way of accurately observing your team in real-time.

Club Management

Soccer Coach – Team Sports Manager

This app will assist you in controlling your team during plays. The app will manage your line-ups and organize training sessions. It helps you stay more aware of how your players are performing.

This app helps with virtually all the important duties of a soccer coach. It will keep your statistical records and record the attendance of the soccer players. It is an ideal app for team management and enhances communication with players.

Easy 2 Coach

This app is ideal for organizing and managing amateur soccer teams especially in improving communication between the coach and the players. The app allows team players to view weekly planning.

Players can see line-ups and statistics recorded on the app presented in easy-to-read graphs. The app grants access to training exercise, and it provides multiple tools that coaches can use to develop their own exercises. This is a premium app that is used all over the world.

Sport Member

The Sport Member app is mainly designed for soccer team organization. The app can record basic game statistics and develop tactical strategies. You can also use this app to create line-ups and document the team’s events in a calendar.


Sportlyzer is an ideal app for youth soccer clubs. It is an excellent app for club management and developing training sessions. With this app, you can register players, record injuries and share schedules with interested parties. The app can also store data collected by GPS tracking devices for soccer players.

Soccer Dad

This app is specially designed to help with administering and managing youth soccer teams. It allows you to organize our team schedule and share it with players and their parents. The app also enables the creation of formations and line-ups. You can also develop and store profiles of all your players.

Record Statistics

The importance of keeping soccer statistics cannot be stated enough. We have compiled the most reliable soccer training apps that you can use to record the statistics of your soccer games.

My Soccer Stats

This app enables real-time recording of soccer statistics. You can then revisit the stats after the game for informed decision making. It allows you to feed data for your team and for the opponent team such that you can develop a statistical database for the entire league.

Soccer Pulse

This is a professional soccer training app that will impressively record your soccer statistics. It allows players to give feedback regarding their training sessions and they can record and communicate their gradual recovery process. The app helps you track the condition of your players so that you can plan accordingly for better match results and avoid injuries among players.

Other Multi-functional Soccer Training Apps

Soccer Specific

This app was developed by top professional coaches, and it avails perhaps the broadest range of soccer exercises that coaches can adopt. The app has exercises suitable for all ages and skill levels. With this app, you can develop your own exercises and share them with other coaches.

My Personal Football Coach

This app was developed by a professional coach, and it offers videos with all kinds of exercises. The app also provides coaches with soccer-specific advice. The tools provided by this app are useful to coaches, players, and parents. It allows you to take a training course and you can plan your training sessions using the straightforward training planner tool.


I-Drills is an incredible soccer training app that provides a database for soccer exercises and a drill development tool. It has an intuitive user interface, and everything about it is straightforward.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you first determine what features you are looking for before purchasing or downloading any apps. Doing this will help you determine the most suitable app to get. You can also download multiple apps in order to access a full range of features.

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