As England celebrated their 4-0 takedown of Lithuania in Friday’s Euro league match, goalkeeper Ben Foster was noticeably missing in action, as he says that he won’t be getting back into the field until October due to his injury.

“There is no chance of coming back early so I know it’s at least October before I return,” Foster said in an interview. “You follow the guidelines of what the physio says and take it from there.”

The goalkeeper, who also plays for West Brom in the Premier League, suffered a major cruciate knee injury during the Baggies’ match against Stoke City earlier this month. He has since underwent surgery to repair the damaged ligaments and is currently on rehabilitation.

“I hoped I had only jarred it.” Foster sid of his initial reaction to the injury. “but it became pretty obvious it was worse than that.”

While preliminary examinations indicated only cartilage damage, a more thorough check-up revealed the extent of the injury. As this is the third time that Foster has suffered a cruciate injury (the first two occurring in 2003 and 2007) he said that he already knows what to expect.

“I’ve been here before. You can’t push cruciates – you have to do six months. That’s a must.”

Foster also said that he felt “stupid” for getting the injury during the match. “I had a collision with Peter Crouch and even now I’m thinking ‘what on earth was I doing challenging Peter Crouch…’” he narrated. “It was stupid on my part.”

“I got knocked in the air when I went for the ball so it spun me around and I lost my sense of where I was. As I landed I did so on a straight leg, which is always a no-no because you want some bend in the leg to cushion in.”

However, the 32-year old is still optimistic about the situation. “If there is ever a good time to get such an injury it’s now where you know a good part of your recovery will be during a period where there are no games,” Foster said.

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