What Are The Essential Basic Soccer Dkills For A Beginner Soccer Player?

Whether you are an adult, youth or child wanting to learn the sport of soccer, it can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. One of the first things that you will need to know while learning soccer are the basic soccer drills that must be done in repetition so that you can become the best soccer player on the field. 

Soccer is a sport that has been around for generations and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. It is heavily played in European countries as well as Africa. While the history of soccer is impressive, you learning the sport will help you in other areas of your life. 

Understanding your basic soccer drills will form a solid foundation that will help you in playing the sport, while disciplining you for other areas in your life. So, what are some of the basic soccer drills that you will need to know? 

This article will help you in learning what these soccer drills are and what part of your game it will strengthen. The basic drills can actually be broken down into the areas of individual technique, attacking play, defending, goalkeeping technique and goalkeeping play. 

Great Basic Soccer Drills for the Individual Technique

Passing: Passing the ball with your foot is one of the first basic soccer drills you will learn. This can be done with the inside of the foot, outside of the foot, with the instep or by crossing the ball.

Shooting: Shooting is another basic soccer drill that you will learn as a beginning soccer player. This is done with the inside and outside of the foot, with the instep, on the half volley and on the volley from the front. 

Heading: Heading is when you are attempting to block high crosses at the goal. It is another great basic soccer drill to become familiar with as you learn your basic soccer drills. 

Trapping the Ball: This is done with your foot and keeps your ball in play while not allowing other players to get near the soccer ball. 

Feint and Dribble: There are different variations of this that you will need to learn as a beginning soccer player or as you practice your basic soccer drills. They include: the passing move, the body move, the shooting move, the back foot move and the scissors move. 

Ball Control: This is one of the most key ingredients to becoming a great soccer player. Remembering to look up before receiving the ball and having great ball control while using your foot and other parts of your body to take the ball into the goal. 

Running with the Ball: Remember as you are running down the soccer field with the ball that it remains as close as possible to your foot the entire time. Being able to run with the soccer ball is important on offensive moves and preparing to score that much needed goal. 

Turning: This is a part of the body move that you will be learning as you practice your basic soccer drills. Being able to turn and maneuver the soccer ball with your entire body will have you on your way to becoming the next Pele. 

Basic Soccer Drills for Attacking Play

Principles of Attack: There are two very important principles of attack that you will need to learn as you begin your basic soccer drills. These include: always giving support to your other teammates and the passing distance between you and your teammate that you are trying to get the soccer ball to. These two pieces of information will help you as you grow in your quest of becoming a great soccer player on the field. 

Passing Play: The key to passing is to always remember to look up and understand that the soccer ball is being passed to you. Looking up allows you to get your feet and body ready for receiving the ball and passing it on to your other teammates on the field. 

2-1 Situations: When you are in a two to one situation on the field, the wall pass is one of the most basic soccer drills that you will need to know. It occurs when you are standing directly in front of your teammate as if forming a wall and you pass it directly to him. 

Run: There are many variations of runs that you will need to learn in soccer. They include: deep runs, diagonal runs, v-runs, creating your own space runs and creating space for others runs. These are all a basic part of what you will need to learn and do as a part of your basic soccer drills on a daily basis. 

Crossing: This is a soccer drill technique where the ball is crossing the field. It can occur with just basic crossing or late crossing where the ball is passed to you later than expected. 

Finishing: The finishing technique involves you actually receiving the ball. This can occur when you have to actually run to receive the ball from your teammate or when you receive the ball clear and unpressured by the opponent. 

Basic Soccer Drills for Defending 

Principles of Defense: There are principles of defending during learning your basic soccer drills that you will need to learn that will often make the difference between winning and losing. These defense moves include: goal-side, marking, covering, pressing and learning the danger areas on the soccer field. 

1-1 Situation: There will come a time while on the soccer field where you will be in a one against one situation that you will be able to challenge your opponent and intercept the soccer ball. This is a key skill to have for any great soccer player and should be practiced daily as you work on your basic soccer drills. Enter your text here...

 Defending Around the Box: This is one of the key things a defending soccer player must learn. This comes into play when a central attack from your opponent occurs or he is directly in front of you as you are in the box or from attacks on the flanks which means he is trying to pass the soccer ball into the box from either side. 

Basic Soccer Drills for Goalkeeping Techniques

Movement Techniques: There are a lot of things to understand if you are the goalie on the field. One of the most basic and important things to know is your movement technique. A large part of this is knowing your starting position according to how the soccer ball is being moved across the field. Should you start in the center or shift to either the left or right of the goal will all be a judgement call by you. 

Catching the Ball: There are three basic skills that you will need to learn in order to learn how to catch the ball as a goalie. They include: cupping, gripping low balls and gripping high balls. Each technique is important in its own way and must be learned as a daily routine in your basic soccer drills. 

Diving Techniques: This is another key thing to learn during your basic soccer drills while trying to be the best goalie possible. You will need to learn the correct diving techniques for defending both low balls and high balls. 

This will increase your ability to defend your opponent effectively while making sure that the other team does not score. 

Basic Soccer Drills for Goalkeeping Play

Positioning: A great basic soccer drill to learn as a goalie is how to narrow the angle of the other team trying to score. As the opponent approaches the goal, it is your job to limit the amount of space that he has to get the soccer ball through the goal. 

Narrowing the angle that he can kick into the goal gives him limited space and range in which to score. Learning to position your body as to narrow his angle is a great soccer drill to know. 

Shot Stopping: Being able to stop a shot into the goal is your basic job as a goalie. Being able to do shot stopping is another basic soccer drill move that you must learn in order to be effective on the soccer field. 

Contending One on One:  As the goalie it is you and your opponent who is trying to kick the soccer ball into the goal for a score. When you are one on one with another opposing player, you will need to understand the basic moves on how to keep him from scoring. 

Dealing with Crosses: Understanding how to deal with crosses is also an important element for becoming a great goalie. Whether the crosses are challenged or unchallenged, you will need to learn basic soccer drill moves for stopping and blocking them no matter what part of the field they come from or if there is a player around them. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best basic soccer drills for players today. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a more advanced soccer player working on their daily soccer drills. 

Working within these categories, depending upon your position on the field will help to improve your soccer game for life. 

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